The Meeting Cast

Curtis McNeil (Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.)
Curtis McNeil is delighted to be performing the role of Dr. Martin Luther King. Curtis started his theatrical career at Lake Clifton Eastern High playing his first lead as Purlie in "Purlie" by the late and great Ozzie Davis. Since then Curtis has performed in several projects around the globe playing roles as (Martin Luther King) in Mountain Top by Katrio Hall, (Marty) in Dream Girls, ( C.J. Memphis) in, "A Soldiers Play" by August Wilson, to (Duke Orsino) in Shakespeare's, "Twelfth Night". Curtis was last seen on stage as Dr. Martin L. King Jr and has since been directing film and video for his small production company named, CnT Productions LLC. He wishes to thank every person in attendance, "for there is no theater without an audience". Further credits for his career in the arts should be given to God, family, Dr. Carey, Scott Blanks, Dr. Kershaw, Dr. High, and a host of other. Curtis's motto is "let make magic"!
Carltaise Ransom (Malcolm X)
Carltaise Ransom is a Baltimore native with a passion for the arts. He is an award-winning film maker as well as an accomplished film and theatrical actor. He has been singing and acting from a very early age including writing songs and plays at around 9 years old. He has appeared in many Dramas, Comedies and Musicals over the years some of his memorable roles consist of Walter Lee Younger in A Raisin In The Sun, Hollis Jackson in Strike Heaven On The Face, David in The Amen Corner. A singer/actor in Ain't Misbehavin, Smokey Joe's Cafe, Five Guys Named Moe, and his recent portrayal of Otis Redding. His award-winning film The Eternal Extra can now be seen on Stream DMV, and his newest groundbreaking film WE BRUVAHZ will be available on Stream DMV starting in October. He is honored to portray the Minister Malcolm X.
George Oliver Buntin (Rashad)
A lover of theater, George Oliver Buntin makes his return in the role of Rashad after a 4+ year hiatus. He has previously portrayed a young Thurgood Marshall in the short play, "Langston and Thurgood”, performed in August Wilson's "Jitney" and "Fences" with the Arena Players and Vagabond Players, as well as the production of The Katrina Monologues along with several other plays, short and student films, and commercials.