About The Meeting

The Meeting is a 1987 American play by Jeff Stetson. This play, directed by Tyrone Requer, is set in a 1965 hotel room in Harlem during the height of the Civil Rights Movement, it depicts an imaginary meeting of two of the most important men of modern times: Malcolm X and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Differing in their philosophies, but alike in their mutual respect, the two men debate their varying approaches to the same grave social problems, both prepared to die for their beliefs but neither aware of how soon their assassins’ bullets would await them.

The play was later televised on American Playhouse in 1989.

Amazing Theatre Company, Inc.

The Amazing Theatre Company's mission is to create performing arts opportunities of social significance for the Black/African American community. To ensure that our productions tell not only the Black/African American story, we partner with other ethnic groups to share and bring together a world view.   With this ideology the Amazing Theatre contributes to community theater by:

  • Supporting, educating, training and developing artists.
  • inspiring, producing, and assisting new playwrights.
  • fostering relationships in the community to increase diverse audience participation.
  • producing historical and socially relevant Black/African American plays.