About Joey Stepp presents A Night of Comedy Part 2

Joey and friends sold out their last comedy show at the Alban and are back for another hysterical evening of fun.   3 standup comedians in one night that are all sure to make you hold your side from laughter.  

E.J.. - In June 2006, E.J. Edmonds took to the stage for the first time to share his 'views' with the public. His playful yet confident demeanor, blunt sarcasm, and the ability to make fun of himself and his life quickly made him a favorite among comedy-lovers wherever he performs. E.J. has taken his uncanny ability of seeing the humor in real-life stories and turned his stories into real-life comedy. This talent, coupled with his abstract views of the world, make E.J. Edmonds an act you won't want to miss!

Bo -  “My grandmother won’t speak to me anymore. She doesn’t approve of my comedy. Plus she died almost 20 years ago.” Bo Vance is a West Virginia based standup comedian who specializes in turning his unfiltered thoughts into hilarious observational humor. Entertaining crowds for over 25 years, Bo has seen the stage as a musician, comedian and even dabbled in the professional wrestling industry. “Now that my children can open their own cans of Spaghetti-O’s, I can get out and perform on a more regular basis.” A lifelong resident of West Virginia, Bo seeks to shatter the negative image that West Virginians receive throughout the country. “Soon as I get this ankle monitor off, I’m going on tour.”

Joey - Joey Stepp is from Winfield, WV. He is an educator by day but when the sun goes down he provides comedy and magic at shows across the tri-state. Come check Joey out in a rare public performance for the adult crowd and find out what those blue sponge things really are.

Alban Arts Center

The Alban Arts Center is a small arts organization in the heart of downtown St. Albans.  Located within the historic Alban Theater, originally built in 1938 as a movie house, the Alban Arts Center provides a wide array of artistic opportunities for St. Albans and the surrounding community within its intimate 225 seat theater.  Primarily focusing on the performing arts, the Alban produces 4-6 productions every year, in addition to hosting several other theatre companies and touring productions.  The Alban, as a small and energetic organization, can segue from large, family oriented casts to intimate and intense dramas in the course of their season; and even produces an annual Shakespeare in the Park at St. Albans City Park.  The Alban also hosts concerts, movies, and a variety of other performances throughout the year.

              In addition to producing and hosting theatrical productions the Alban Arts Center also houses the Alban Arts Academy, a twice yearly extra-curricular academy that has provided artistic education to the greater-metro area, since 2010.  Academy classes include Acting, Improv, Musical Theatre and much more.  All classes are taught by local artists, and over 1,000 students from 7 counties have traveled to St. Albans for their arts education needs.  Every spring and fall semester the Alban Arts Academy offers 15+ classes and awards scholarships to students that may need them.