Premier theatrical Venue in the Heart Of St. ALbans WV

The Alban Arts Center is located at 65 Olde Main Plaza in St. Albans WV. We strive to put arts into the community and surrounding areas, by offering a wide range of artistic experiences. We produce several stage plays yearly as well as offer a wide range of classes in the performing arts at our Alban Arts Academy. We also hold special events, concerts, rentals, movies, and much more!

Active Fundraisers

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The Callaway Fundraiser for Alban Arts Academy

Dick Callaway, formerly the Mayor of St. Albans and a leading performing arts advocate for his community, has dedicated his professional career and personal life to improving St. Albans, WV. Mr. Callaway recognized the intrinsic importance of theatre education and performance through his endless work at The Alban Arts Center. The Alban Arts Academy and our entire Alban "family" is proud to establish a fundraiser in his name. Dick Callaway remains an avid supporter of the arts and volunteers hours of his time to the success of Alban Arts Academy. The Callaway Fundraiser will utilize funds raised to improve the technical capabilities of Alban Arts Academy including lighting instruments, software, and supplies/materials to address the safety and security needs of the building. Browse our "items for sale" to help us update and upgrade Alban Arts Academy!

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