Clue on Stage Cast

Brian Kidd (Colonel Mustard)
Brian Kidd has been involved with Theatre for nearly 40 years. In addition to earning his BFA in Theatre from Marshall University, he has performed in a variety of shows such as The Lost Colony outdoor drama, Of Mice and Men (Lennie), A Funny Thing...Forum (Pseudolus), two years with Theatre IV touring theatre for children out of Richmond, VA, and Carmilla (Father) for Astral Theatre in St. Albans among many others. He has directed plays for Know Theatre and Stage First, both in Cincinnati, and most recently, Wolf's Head for Astral Theatre in 2017. He's the proud dad of a wonderful daughter, Abigail, and two stepsons, Carter and Jackson. His patient wife, Jennifer, is just glad he mustered up the courage to audition for Clue after six years off from the Theatre, as he was beginning to wear out his recliner. Those things are expensive.
Cassandra Hensley (Mrs. White)
I wear a lot of black, but I dont mind the color red, My husband once was found in the bed without his head Don’t look at me, my hands are totally clean If you ask me about my other four, i won’t know what you mean!
Taylor Shaw (Cook/Singing Telegram Girl)
A woman of many faces. My wit is as Sharp as my skills. Our plan was set; I was to Sing our guests praises up to the very moment they had their fill…Wine and Dine until…my night was Cut short with a BANG.
Dwedee Kobbah (Miss Scarlett)
Confident, witty, striking—clever many would say. I’m mastermind of mischief, and I have a way with words. Don’t let my beauty fool you..many secrets lie behind this cunning smile.
Kevin Michael Pauley (Wadsworth)
Like a good naval admiral, I run a tight and tidy ship. Mr. Boddy entrusts me to keep his house in order, which I do so with great aplomb. A fan of Tennyson, I live by his words - "Ours not to question why, ours but to do or die." However, I'm not thrilled with the guests he's brought to the house. They seem a...murderous lot. And blood is very difficult to clean from a quality rug. Or so I'm told.
Angelica Breidel (Yvette)
Everyone has secrets and I’m not who you think I am. But for now, I’m just going to play my part. My past is coming to haunt me, and I must clean up my mess before anyone finds out. They say, “Use what you got to get what you want.” So, it’s time to sweep people off their feet!
Rhidzo Breidel (Mr. Boddy)
The mastermind behind the infamous mansion soirée. A name that sends shivers down the spines. My character embodies secrecy, cunning and of course penchant for orchestrating perplexing puzzles. My True intentions remained cloaked in obscurity. A Gentleman and the ultimate puppet master that met an unexpected demise.
Erin Carico (Miss Peacock)
I arrived so prim and so neat, In the manor I expected a treat. But secrets concealed, And scandals revealed, My flight from the corpses was fleet!
Brody Potter (Mr. Green)
"You're asking me 'Who I Am?' Are you with the HUAC? Regardless, I have nothing to hide this evening--I paid my dues! After all, I'm a Republican! Now, if you'll excuse me, this letter arrived recently and it has me a rather anxious..."
Megan Reynolds (Cop)
I started off as clean as they come, but as the years passed and the injustices grew so did my thirst. I wanted money, and I knew these streets would supply me with the opportunity to get exactly that. Unfortunately I put my trust in the wrong person and because of that, my lights were permanently snuffed out.
Jacob Fleck (Professor Plum)
A doctor of psychological medicine, I specialize in pathological liars and delusions of grandeur. After a night in Boddy Manor, I may become just as delusional and insane as my patients.
Dan Reed (News Caster/Motorist)
Well, I certainly am filled with trepidation in approaching this foreboding mansion, though there are quite a lot of lights on. Geez-Louise, my job sure drives me to some strange places. I’m sure the residents will be kind to those with problems of the…vehicular sort. Hmm, I think I see a few of them through one of those large windows…hey, I think I know one of them!