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Scenes from the Waiting Room

"Death? ...Well, I guess ... picture this... we're all sitting around in a kind of waiting room passing the time, laughing and crying and fornicating. Mixing with people who enter and leave. Some we love, some we hate. Most we tolerate for purposes of passing the time. No one has a precise appointment time. Except condemned prisoners. All others can be called at any time....Then, finally, the noise fades into silence. A door opens..a figure in white, a nurse maybe...  A nurse enters, looks at you and says softly, "The DARKNESS will see you now. You get up and follow her through the door ...into an amazing DARKNESS..."

That was Horse addressing the prime question since man first was astonished to see a companion stop moving.


The lines come from a new play debuting next month on the Ole Stage.

SCENES FROM THE WAITING ROOM centers on two old guys, Morrie and Horse, in a nursing home.

Just two other characters -- Miss Patricia and her grandmother. We think you'll come to like the first three. The last may make you cringe.

The parts are played by Ole veterans Joe Pyke, Brian Bertolline, Vanessa Bertolline, and Gloria North.

The play was written and co-directed by another Ole veteran, Bob Bryan.

Now, read again Horse's remark about life and death....Don't be mislead. The play certainly won't bore you with philosophical debates. 

It's mostly -- MOSTLY -- a light hearted look at how we pass the time in the great waiting room.

Morrie...you'll find he has told so many tall tales he no longer quite knows the truth.

Horse .. is an amazing survivor. He entered life with two handicaps from his classical scholar father -- a pedantic approach and a first name Horace.

Miss Patricia...a good hearted nursing aide who can't decide whether to adopt the two or be adopted by them.

Her grandmother...well, she may provoke both laughter and tears.

And don't suppose the play is two old people comparing ailments. You can get that at home.

SCENES is not just laughs and tears. You will get tidbits of knowledge, like how hot the sun is, surface and core. And how swarms of mosquitos can really dance in flight to music. Morrie gives you his word!

You'll catch a talent night re enactment of the balcony scene from ROMEO AND JULIET. Yes, it's the finest lyric poetry in the language... And it may reawaken memories of what it was like to be young and in love.

You'll also see a carjacking gone pitifully wrong....

And in the end you will hear about a gentle homicide.

SCENES FROM THE WAITING ROOM...For Ole, it and another Bryan play in March are extra helpings on top of the five regular season shows.

They are free to season ticket holders. $5 for all others. CASH ONLY. No reservations required. First come, first seated.

And for those attending the Sunday matinee....you'll get home for the second football game.

Mark your calendars -- Nov. 11 and 12, 7:30. Nov. 13, 2 pm.

If you haven't attended an Ole play at The Depot, treat yourself.

The Depot theater is a city treasure and an almost holy place for lovers of theater.



Ole Olsen Memorial Theatre is a non-profit community theater group in Peru, Indiana founded in 1964.

Our shows are performed in the intimate atmosphere of the historic Peru C&O Depot. It's this quaint environment that makes our theater unique.

Comfortably seating 50, there's not a bad seat in the house! And... with the creative sets and the best talent around, you will NOT be disappointed!




"Great venue. Not a bad seat in the place. Always great performers. If you haven't been, go... you will not be disappointed!" - Sherry Myrick York

"This was my first time attending a play here. WOW, is my first thought when Steel Magnolias was done. The ladies that were in this nailed it! I enjoyed every minute of this play. Can't wait until the next show. Thank you for a wonderful evening!" - Mendy Asselin

"I have been to several shows and have loved them all! Great asset to our community!" - Terri Frankum Turnpaugh

"I loved my time on the Ole Olsen stage back in the near 30 years ago.  OH BOY, has it really been that long? It's a wonderful organization to be a part!" - Sadonna Croff

"I’ve found a lot of beautiful friends, here. Not only have I been able to hone my thespian skills, but became part of a family of wonderful people whom I love very much!" - Doug Working



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