Welcome to "Ole Olsen" Memorial TheatRe

Greetings. A big high five to all theater lovers in the Miami County area!

Ole Olsen Memorial Theatre survived two traumatic years under the horrible shadow of the Pandemic and trust you did, too. Like you we at Ole sometimes struggled and even nearly lost a few rounds to the most terrible virus, despair. We had a show here and there cancelled, postponed, rescheduled. But also like you we muddled through two seasons -- and managed some excellent productions. Sometimes audiences were small, but in the tradition of theater, the Show Went On. God willing, the Pandemic shadow has passed and we at Ole are preparing to open the curtain on a FANTASTIC 58th Season.

And speaking of a high five.... The season has five, not four, shows scheduled ...And, for the first time...two locally written, somewhat experimental full-length plays as a Season Ticket bonus. As always, each show has six regular performances over two weekends, beginning with the popular dinner theater.

The 58th Season opens Sept. 29 with a heart-tugging adaptation of the beloved novel Little Women, directed by Debby Myers. Playful and sad by turns, the play centers on the home front during our Civil War. The war notwithstanding, it was a gentler time, and you will find the characters enchanting and unforgettable.

Then as Christmas approaches, prepare for a version of A Christmas Carol that will have Dickens gasping in his grave. Scrooged Up! debuting Dec 4 and directed by Shanna Stoll, centers on the efforts of a tiny community theater group to do the classic justice. Stretched thin to the breaking point, the group experiences every possible and impossible disaster. An early Christmas gift from Ole.

Opening Feb 2, you can welcome back the clueless convent crew that left audiences howling last season. Drinking Habits 2: Caught in the Act, directed by Stephanie Wagner, details the convent's chaotic efforts to save an orphanage from closing. It's an intoxicating experience on both sides of the curtain. At the end, the exhausted audience will likely issue a charitable, "At least they meant well..."

Then, beginning April 6, you can revisit and reimagine the magical 1998 movie that became an instant classic. The Wedding Singer: The Musical Comedy, directed by Brandi Murphy, follows Robbie Hart, a rock star wannabe. Stung by being jilted at the altar, Robbie searches for sanity and perhaps another trip to the alter? He finds a new love but could lose her at the altar to another. You won’t leave early.

Last in the regular season slate, debuting June 1, The Ballad of Granny Siler, written by Ole veteran Bob Bryan. As a young girl in rural Tennessee, Siler killed and buried at least two husbands.... quiet for a long time but unreformed, she killed her adult daughter. Deemed insane, she has been in medically induced vegetation for years at Sanctuary. Then in a moment of life-crisis madness, a Sanctuary exec releases her.... minus medication. It's a comedy. No blood will be spilled on stage. 

The complimentary extras for season ticket holders are two full-length plays, also written by Bryan. Scenes from the Waiting Room will have three performances the second weekend in November. The End will get the same the second weekend in March. These extras are part of a somewhat experimental theater approach begun almost five years ago by a talented Ole ensemble. No Frills Theater has produced three shows at Ivy Tech.

Season tickets for the seven shows are just $45. Dinner theater for the five regular season shows is $143. Single show tickets are $12 online or $14 at the door. For children 12 and under, tickets are $7 and $9, respectively. As always you can additionally support Ole by Club Members: graduated memberships from Back Stage at $50 to Marque at $600. Season and show specific sponsorships are also available. For more information or to purchase online, please visit us at www.oleolsen.org. If you would like a brochure mailed to you, please leave us a message at 765-472-3680. 

Lastly, a final word, heart to heart, one theater lover to another. A vibrant, long established theater organization such as Ole is a precious thing, particularly in a community this size. The Depot will never present Les Mis or Hamilton, but it was heaven sent for this community. It's a beautifully maintained and intimate setting where young and old can nourish a human art form begun by fire light in caves.


Ole Olsen Memorial Theatre is a non-profit community theater group in Peru, Indiana founded in 1964.

Our shows are performed in the intimate atmosphere of the historic Peru C&O Depot. It's this quaint environment that makes our theater unique.

Comfortably seating 50, there's not a bad seat in the house! And... with the creative sets and the best talent around, you will NOT be disappointed!




"Great venue. Not a bad seat in the place. Always great performers. If you haven't been, go... you will not be disappointed!" - Sherry Myrick York

"This was my first time attending a play here. WOW, is my first thought when Steel Magnolias was done. The ladies that were in this nailed it! I enjoyed every minute of this play. Can't wait until the next show. Thank you for a wonderful evening!" - Mendy Asselin

"I have been to several shows and have loved them all! Great asset to our community!" - Terri Frankum Turnpaugh

"I loved my time on the Ole Olsen stage back in the near 30 years ago.  OH BOY, has it really been that long? It's a wonderful organization to be a part!" - Sadonna Croff

"I’ve found a lot of beautiful friends, here. Not only have I been able to hone my thespian skills, but became part of a family of wonderful people whom I love very much!" - Doug Working



Little Women

Sep 29 - Oct 09, 2022

Season Tickets

Oct 08, 2022