About the Troupe

The Wolf River Theatrical Troupe is a non-profit community theatre that has been performing since 1982.

Troupe Mission:  To bring a variety of quality performing arts to our area. To encourage, support and promote community participation and appreciation of theatre and the fine arts.

Actors & Staff:  The Troupe is entirely volunteer. All officers as well as productions staff receive their "rewards" in the form of camaraderie, good fun, hard work and a sense of pride.  Auditions are open to all interested individuals. Behind the scenes help and craftsmen are always needed.

Annual Activities:  The Troupe plans 4-6 full-length productions per year.  We sponsor several Guest Artists and work with the local high schools in staging their productions and concerts.  We also offer a children's summer theatre workshop entitled "Scripts, Stage and Escapades" to those ages 8-18.  The children are introduced to actions, theatre history, theatre tech and production essentials.  The program culminates in a production.  You will also see us at various New London celebrations.

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