Warren Performing Arts Center

The Warren is a spectacular multipurpose Center designed by Daverman Associates/SP Group of Grand Rapids, Michigan. Over 116,000 square feet of creative, technical, and rehearsal space is designed to accommodate educational, performing and visual arts programs. The flexibility of the Warren lends itself ideally to all types of events. Built in 1983, the Warren Performing Arts Center remains a shining gem of culture for Warren Township and the greater Indianapolis area. 

The Eash Grand Auditorium is dedicated to the memory of Mr. C. E. Eash, Principal of Warren Central High School between 1924 and 1955. Respected and remembered by staff, former students, and members of the surrounding communities, it is only fitting that the Eash Grand Auditorium in the Warren Performing Arts Center be dedicated in his name.

The Eash Grand Auditorium seats just under 1,000 patrons in an intimate and comfortable setting for any major music, theatre, or dance event. The Grand Stage has over 5,000 square feet of space. An extensive lighting system and forty-five trap doors in the stage floor allow for numerous special effects.

The acoustics are superb! A specially designed orchestra shell and stage ceiling can be set in varying widths and depths for small or large music groups. Acoustic lateral-reflecting “clouds," adjustable wall and ceiling banners, and a larger balcony curtain are designed to enhance acoustic quality.

“This Center is a masterpiece of educational opportunity as well as an excellent showplace for national entertainment groups.” Daverman Associates/Sp Group

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