the patriot players

Rebekah Robeson

The Patriot Players is the newly formed theatre program empowered by Wardlaw Academy in Johnston, South Carolina. Officially formed in the fall of 2022, the program invites all students to explore the world of performance arts and become proficient in many capacities including acting, musicality, choreography, improvisational play, and technical skills such as lighting, sound, special effects, costuming, and set building. 

In addition to our theatrical season, Wardlaw is proud to offer classes in the Arts, including but not limited to Drama, Musical Theatre, Visual Arts, and Media Arts, with hopes to expand our opportunities in each area. 

Rebekah Robeson (BA Theatre/Musical Theatre) directs the theatre program with the help and support of a dedicated parent board. We depend on donations, ticket sales, and fundraising to fund our season. There are many opportunities to get involved! If you would like more information about becoming a Patriot Players Parent, or other means of supporting our program, please contact Mrs. Robeson at the email address below.

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