Visit our website to learn about our full range of programming for theater professionals. We have successfully reformatted our workshops for virtual presentation, enabling our friends beyond the NYC area to participate, learn and grow. Look for “How to Write a Musical Thats Works” feedback lab, "Writer-Producer Virtual Speed Date" and our weekly series of COMMUNITY GATHERINGS every Friday at 4:30 pm eastern, on Zoom.

Theater lovers can be part of the development process for new works by joining us for readings of our three exciting new plays being premiered in June/July in our TRU VOICES NEW PLAYS READING SERIES: 

Tiny Empty Nest by David Beardsley, directed by Jesica Garrou 
Golden Wings by Coolidge Harris II, directed by Rain Pryor
No One Cries for the Blacksmith by Lloyd Khaner, directed by Tony winner Tonya Pinkins

Theater producers can keep an eye out for our PRODUCER BOOT CAMPS, workshops created to nurture and support the business skills of producers, artistic directors and self-producing artists. These include: RAISING MONEY FOR THEATER, WEEKEND INTENSIVE FOR SHOWCASE PRODUCING, ESSENTIALS OF SELF PRODUCING and RECOGNIZING COMMERCIAL POTENTIAL.

Writers can check in to learn about TRU BEGINNINGS, workshops created to help the early development of new works. These include: DIRECTOR-WRITER COMMUNICATIONS LAB, WRITER-PRODUCER SPEED DATE and HOW TO WRITE A MUSICAL THAT WORKS.