RISE Performing Arts (RPA) is the performing arts program of STRIVE Prep RISE High School. RPA believes that access to quality arts education helps scholars become well-rounded, passionate people who are creative problem-solvers and free thinkers. RPA is dedicated to the creation of entertaining, scholar-centered, social justice-minded performance art that challenges scholars to discover and pursue their passions as artists and creators in a diverse society.

The RPA Program consists of a variety of performance and technical based opportunities for scholars, both during the school day and extracurricularly, including: 

-5 Academic Classes (Theatre 1: Intro to Theatre, Theatre 2: Intro to Acting, Development of American Musical Theatre, Stagecraft, & Stagecraft Honors)

-A Fall Theatre Production

-A Spring Musical Theatre Production

-A Winter and Spring Showcase Featuring Theatre 2 students

-International Thespian Society Honor Troupe #8937

-Participation in the annual Colorado Thespian Conference

-Thespian Drama Club (TDC) student run club

-Participation in the BACKstage Technical Theatre Pilot Exam

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