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Steel Beam Wishlist

Please keep Steel Beam Theatre in mind when considering your charitable options! In addition to the professional productions and children’s theatre opportunities we have offered since our inception in 2001, over the past year we have partnered and/or collaborated with Children’s Theatre of Elgin, Rising Lights Project, My Recess Therapy, the St. Charles History Museum, and the St. Charles Writer’s Group to offer new opportunities and create more inclusive and diverse programming to benefit the wonderful City of St. Charles, and our surrounding communities. In the new year, we would love for you to consider using Steel Beam as a space for any of your programming (we can seat up to 75 people in our theatre space!), or as a meeting venue (we have a projector and screen!). In order to keep up with all of our programming updates, there are a few backstage and onstage updates we would love your assistance on. As you might know, we updated the seating last year by reusing seats from the recently renovated Studebaker Theatre in Chicago. We transported the seats with the assistance of our board members who volunteered their time between Christmas and New Years to get them into Steel Beam. Then, through a connection with one of our board members, we were able to put in new laminate flooring throughout the lobby, theatre, and backstage space at cost, saving thousands of dollars. We have been putting in the time and effort but at this point, we’re asking for your assistance in continuing to make these updates happen. Please check out our wishlist to see if there is anything you’d be able to help to keep Steel Beam the venue you all know and love. Thank you!

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SBT Summer Camp #1

Jun 12, 2023

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SBT Summer Camp #2

Jul 10, 2023