South Pacific Cast of characters - Audition Information

Adult Character Breakdown Emile de Becque (Baritone, A – e', 40-60) - A mature, sophisticated, wealthy. French planter. Good French accent required. Character Breakdown (age is appearance-based, not actual)

 Ensign Nellie Forbush (Mezzo (a – d'', 19 - 35) - A feisty but somewhat naïve young nurse from Arkansas. Something of a tomboy with an optimistic outlook. Some dancing required.

 Lt. Joseph Cable (Tenor, e to g', 20-35) - An extremely handsome and intelligent Lieutenant with a bright future in the US Navy. 

US Marine Luther Billis (Baritone, G - g', comic role, age is open) - A loveable character who provides his fellow marines with much-needed comic relief. Does not respect authority. 

Enterprising, stubborn. Adores Nellie. Bloody Mary (g to f'', comedic) - a shrewd merchant native to the island, who makes a fortune off the sailors. Full of local character. 

Mother of Liat. Asian actor preferred 

Liat (Non-singing, 16-20) - A beautiful Polynesian girl who steals the heart of Joe Cable. 

Bloody Mary's daughter. Asian actor preferred 

Henry (any age, French dialect) - 

Emile's Polynesian servant, speaks French. Asian actor preferred 

Capt. George Bracket (Non-singing, 40-70) - Commanding officer on the island. Slightly pompous but not without a soft side. 

Cmdr. William Harbison (Non-singing, 25 - 50) - Bracket's right hand man. Can be hotheaded, especially when Billis is concerned. 

"Stewpot" George Watts (Baritone, 18-40) -

 Carpenter's Mate Second Class. 

Men and women, 18-35, good singers, for the following roles (may also play islanders, soldiers, pilots, nuns, etc:

Professor - part of Luther Billis Enterprises, went to college. 

Buzz Adams - Pilot, excellent storyteller.

Herbert Quale - Does administrative and clerical work for Capt. Bracket and loves collecting souvenirs. Tom O'Brien - Street smart, also plays Shore Patrolman. Bob McCaffrey - Radio Operator, hasn't been with a woman for a long time. Richard West - Comedic temper with personal vendetta against Billis. 

Dinah Murphy - Nellie's best friend, down to earth. 

Janet McGregor - Also Nellie's friend, classy and career-minded.

 Genevieve Marshall - Lead nurse, husky, but physically fit. 

Jerome and Ngana- Emile's children. Speak French. Eurasian actors preferred