Zig Minis Cinderella Cast

Grace Tousley (Cinderella (Royal Cast))
I love theater because I get to make new friends and practice my acting and singing.
Adalynn Pearce (Cinderella (Highness Cast))
I love theatre because I like to sing and dance and have fun with friends that I can make. I like to pretend to be another person and imagine I’m in a movie.
Grant Davis (Prince)
I love doing shows at the Zig!
Charlotte Bosshardt (Fairy Godmother)
I love theater because it's really fun and we get to meet new friends. I love seeing people I know in the audience.
Gwen Pugmire (Herald)
I love theater because you get to act and have fun parts. I also love all my theater friends. Some of my favorite roles are Smee in Peter Pan, James in James and the Giant peach and a part of the lollipop Guild in Wizard of Oz.
Lizzie Perry (Stepmother (Royal Cast))
This is Lizzie's first time ever performing in theater and she is excited to be part of the cast. She looks forward to having fun and making new friends. Lizzie is the youngest of five children and also loves dance, her family, and her dog Jessy.
Elsie Cadoux (Stepmother (Highness Cast))
I like pretending to do the play and I like actually doing the play. I also like the costumes.
Eryn Baer (Joy)
Eryn has watched her brother and sister perform at the Zig for years and is SO excited to finally be old enough to perform with the Mini’s!!!
Ruby Cochran (Portia)
I love theater because it is so fun. I love making new friends. I love performing on stage and wearing costumes.
Jonathan Dennis (King)
I love doing shows at the Zig!
Nora Marney (Queen)
I love theater because I get to be on stage and make people smile. I love to sing & dance and be part of a show.
Carli Wigley (Enthusiastic Maiden)
I love theater because of the music and dances!
Hadley Johnson (Talkative Maiden)
I love doing shows at the Zig!
Sylvia Thompson (Pushy Maiden)
I love doing shows at the Zig!
Chloe Pugmire (Gus)
I love Theater because of my friends and the fun costumes. My favorite roles have been playing the Munchkin mayors daughter in Wizard of Oz MainStage and a reporter in James and the Giant peach minis.
Stetson Mather (Jack)
I love getting to pretend and make people have fun! And I like having people clap for me!
Kole Vodden (Boy)
I love theater because I love to sing and dance and have fun!
Ginni Parry ("Rusafee," Lucifer the Cat)
I love doing shows at the Zig!