Cinderella Kids Cast

Emery Bateman (Cinderella (Royal Cast))
Emery is excited to be doing this show. Her favorite roles she has played include Jane in Descendants, Twin 1 in Peter Pan Jr, and Vlad Vladikoff in Seussical Kids. Outside of singing and acting, Emery loves drawing, painting, and sewing.
Mya Colyar (Cinderella (Highness Cast))
I love theater because we get to dress up and perform fun shows with my friends.
Keaton Norman (Prince (Royal Cast))
I love theater because I can experience the art of performing while making new friends and acting like a different person. I also love theater because I can memorize the lines and songs and learn new things about the world.
Korben Pugmire (Prince (Highness Cast))
I love theater because I get to sing and can express myself without being embarrassed. I have made some awesome friends too. My favorite roles were playing Jay in Descendants, Grimsby and the Duke Weselton, being an Elf in Elf the musical and the Mayor of munchkin land in Wizard of Oz ASL.
Paisley Van Komen (Fairy Godmother (Royal Cast))
I love theater because it's such a positive environment full of great people. Theater isn't just a hobby, it's a community. With every show, I gain a new family that I can be my weirdest self with, and loved because of it.
Brecklyn Facer (Fairy Godmother (Highness Cast))
I’ve been doing theater at the Zig since I was in second grade and I’ve made so many friends. Theater has become a second home for me and I’m so glad I have a chance to do it.
Jonathan Harper (Herald 1 (Royal Cast))
I love theater because it’s fun making friends, performing and being a part of the Zig family!!
Daxton Carlson (Herald 1 (Highness Cast))
I love theater because it gives me a chance to express myself. I also love the thrill about being on stage. in a studio you can just do it again if you fail, but with theater you have to go with it. I love the zig's team and can't wait for the show to open.
Caleb Olsen (Herald 2 (Royal Cast))
I love theater because I like acting and getting to be another character and making friends.
Cole Neider (Herald 2 (Highness Cast))
I am able to make new friends, step into the shoes of a different character's personality, and it's just plain fun.
Lola Heiser (Stepmother (Royal Cast))
I love doing shows at the Zig!
Millie Shupe (Stepmother (Highness Cast))
I love theater because I get to be expressive and silly. I get to interact with new people and see old friends.
Della Anderson (Joy (Royal Cast))
I really, really love acting, especially at the Zig. I love watching all of the plays. I would like to thank my mom for making it so I can do this. I would also like to thank the Zig for having a youth program.
Leah Rounds (Joy (Highness Cast))
I really like doing theater at Ziegfeld. I love all the directors and I’ve made so many friends.
Maria Chaparro (Portia (Royal Cast))
I love theater because it makes me feel like I’m actually me and not somebody else. Theater lets me act how I like to act and act a lot like myself. Since my first show i haven’t regretted choosing to act in the Ziegfeld theater nor in my school.
Aubrey Bennett (Portia (Highness Cast))
I love theater because because I love acting and singing. I love being on stage with other people acting out our imaginations. It’s silly and fun. I’m excited to be in a show at Zig again!
Holden Bateman (King (Royal Cast))
I love theater because it is fun to sing and act and make new friends. I have enjoyed playing roles like Sebastian in the Little Mermaid, Kurt vonTrapp in The Sound of Music, and Prince Ben in Descendants. I am grateful for all the friends I have made while performing at the Zig.
Bennett Garritson (King (Highness Cast))
This is a new adventure for me. I have enjoyed singing and now I get to add acting and dancing. I enjoy the opportunity to express myself on stage in a way I am not able to in everyday life. I enjoy making new friends and just be my silly self.
Emma Dalton (Queen (Royal Cast))
Hi My name is Emma, I love theatre because it is such a fun challenge. I love to help create a story and work with the other actors. It is rewarding to create a project where everyone works their hardest and is so creative.
Kamree Cressall (Queen (Highness Cast))
I have loved theater since I was little. As a little girl, my mom often took me to plays. I would love going with my mom, as I sat there I dreamt of being the one on the stage. They always looked like they were having a good time! It is true theater is a good time. Thanks mom!
Mason Baer (Steward to the King (Both Casts))
I love performing at the Zig because the production teams are amazing and teach me so much! I also really like some the kids I have met that I wouldn’t have known otherwise.
Dalton Davis (Chef/Coachman (Royal Cast))
I love theater cause I get to be with my friends. We get to play! Theater life is life!
Taden Powell (Chef/Coachman (Highness Cast))
I love theater because it's a place to be crazy and have fun!! You get to meet a lot of new friends, and I like to be a goofball and I can show that on stage!
Emily Baer (Butcher/Mean Sister/Horse (Royal Cast))
I love performing at the Zig because the shows are so entertaining and everyone is so kind!
Inara McElwain (Butcher/Mean Sister/Horse (Highness Cast))
I love the thrill of being on the stage.
Jessi Vreeken (Cheese Steward/First Girl (Royal Cast))
I love theater because it's fun to be different characters!
Sienna Stimpson (Cheese Steward/First Girl/Horse (Highness Cast))
I love theater because it’s fun to do. It gets me out of the house as well, and gives me a schedule. I like being on stage.
Abi Haggerty (Dessert Chef/First Maiden (Royal Cast))
I love theater because I can make friends that can last throughout life. I love being on stage and making people happy by performing for them.
Elisabeth Ellis (Dessert Chef/First Maiden (Highness Cast))
I love to act, be on stage and give the audience a good show. I enjoy performing and meeting new friends.
Camden Talyat (Father/Footman (Royal Cast))
Why I love theatre, because I can be someone I am not, and play a lot of different characters. I love that I get to sing and dance and especially when I get speaking parts.
Tyler Braun (Father/Footman (Highness Cast))
I love Theater because I get to get interesting roles and enjoy being that character during the show.
Ella Hansen (Mother/Grandma/Horse (Both Casts))
I love Theatre because you can so many friends that have the same interests as you, one of them including theatre (obviously). Singing and dancing the the songs is also really fun. The adults that work there make doing plays really enjoyable and overall a good experience.
Ava Hendrickson (Daughter/Mouse (Royal Cast))
I love theatre because its apart of who I am. I love performing and it brings me so much happiness! Being apart of the Zig family has been so exciting because I meeting friends!
Coco Parry (Daughter/Mouse (Highness Cast))
I love doing shows at the Zig!
Abby Manning (Second Girl/Horse/Second Maiden (Royal Cast))
I love theater because I love acting and dancing. I love performing in front of people. I like to help my fellow theater friends out and I love being a part of a theater family.
Della Dahl (Second Girl/Horse/Second Maiden (Highness Cast))
The theater makes me smile. I love performing on the big stage in front of a crowd and hearing the applause. I have always loved listening to stories and bringing them to life. From a young age I have enjoyed watching theater. I am happy I get to be the one to entertain others.
Audrie Davis (Third Girl (Royal Cast))
It makes me feel happy to make new friends and helps me feel confident getting in front of people. The costumes are so pretty and I love that the teachers are so nice and encourage me to do my best.
Lyvia Ehrhart (Third Girl (Highness Cast))
I love theater and have been performing since I was five years old. It's a wonderful opportunity to express myself and be creative. I am so excited to be associated with Ziegfeld Theater and look forward to many productions in the future.
Claire Whittington (Sloppy Sister (Royal Cast))
The people are really nice and I love to act!
Amelia Park (Sloppy Sister (Highness Cast))
I love doing shows at the Zig!
Ashlynn Playle (Studious Sister (Royal Cast))
Theater gives me a chance to try new things that I am not too comfortable with like performing and talking in front of people I don't know. I also get to try out being a different person every time and imagining what it is like to be them. I also like meeting new people!
Halle Cramer (Studious Sister (Highness Cast))
Halle Cramer loves theater because she loves to sing, dance and act. This is her second performance at the Ziegfeld and has loved making new friends and developing her talents as an actress.
Wren Heiser (Kid Sister/Mouse (Royal Cast))
I love doing shows at the Zig!
Isla Neider (Kid Sister/Mouse (Highness Cast))
Making friends, learning new songs, and new dances.
Hazel Keim (Mouse (Royal Cast))
I love theater because there are so many different, exciting roles to play and I love meeting new friends!
Sawyer Francis (Mouse (Highness Cast))
I love theater, because I think it is fun to play a character. In life you only get to be one character, but on stage, you get to play many characters.
Morgan Wigley (Mouse (Royal Cast))
I love theater because its like you get to be in a movie where you get to act and have fun!
Jazlyn Gant (Mouse (Highness Cast))
I love doing shows at the Zig!
Kara Larrabee (Horse (Royal Cast))
I love theater because I love to be on stage it’s such a good feeling to be on stage and I love memorizing lines and dances.I love all the teachers at Ziegfeld because they are all super nice and you learn a lot from them.