The Hunchback of Notre Dame Cast

Britton Auman (He/ Him) (Quasimodo)
“Accessibility is not an extra step. It’s a step you missed.” -Nick Tillem Accessible language at home with all family members is so worthwhile. I sincerely thank all my family members for signing with me at home in my youth. Trans people and Drag artists are also true and authentic human beings of our society. I want you to know you are loved, important and needed! I dedicate “Out There” to those who are isolated, misunderstood and judged by the world. He appeared in Kinky Boots, RENT and Wizard of Oz with Ziegfeld Theatre and 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee with Hopebox Theatre for the past year. I dedicate my work from this show to all the deaf children in Utah. To all current and past directors, production team members and cast members; Thank you for growing with me and bringing me to where I am today. I wouldn’t be here today without you.
Samuel Teuscher (He/ Him) (Quasimodo (Voice))
Sam feels privileged to be in a beautiful show such as this one. He is a vocal performance major at USU. He loves to sing and learn new instruments in his free time. His previous roles include Jean Valjean in Les Miserables, Beast in the Beast in Beauty and the Beast, and Ned Schneebly in The School of Rock.
Layne Willden (He/ Him) (Frollo)
I am always happy to be a part of the Ziegfeld Theatre. I am thrilled to be involved with Hunchback in ASL.
Mak Milord (She/ They) (Esmeralda)
Mak is thrilled to be back on the Ziegfeld Stage and this time preforming her dream role in her dream show! Mak's favorite credits include Trix- The Drowsy Chaperone (HCTO), Pat- Kinky Boots (Ziegfeld Theater), Sue- RENT (Ziegfeld Theater), and Madame- The Hunchback of Notre Dame (Provo High School). Mak is studying Entrepreneurship, Real Estate, and Diversity at the U of U and is so excited to be exploring her passions of musical theater and novel writing. "All my love to Michele & Kathy for their continued support in following my dreams." Follow her on instagram @MakMilord. Don't adapt, influence <3
Ginny Teuscher (They/ She) (Clopin/ Gargoyle)
Ginny is stoked to be joining the Zig for this production of Hunchback! Some of her favorite past roles have been Sister Robert Anne (Nunsense), Cat in the Hat (Seussical), and Witch (Into the woods).
Alma Lambson (He/ Him) (Phoebus)
Alma is so excited to back onstage at the Ziegfeld Theater! He was recently seen as Charlie Price in Kinky Boots. Some other recent credits include Shrek the Musical at Peery's Egyptian Theatre, and Grease and Pirates of Penzance, both at the Zig. Alma is delighted to be performing this wonderful show in ASL. He wants to tell his parents Ilene and Tim and his beautiful girlfriend Sydney how much he loves them!
Mason Blanchard (He/ Him) (Jehan/ Gargoyle/ Phoebus Understudy)
Mason Blanchard has been performing since he was 8 years old. He has found a true love for performing on stage and all the fun connections he's made over the years. He is excited to return to the Ziegfeld stage for the second time this year!!!
Madeleine Rodriguez (She/ Her) (Florika/ Ensemble)
Madeleine graduated from Augustana College in 2022 with a B.A. in Vocal Performance and Business Administration. This is her first performance opportunity with the Ziegfeld Theatre and she is so happy to be involved. She has been in shows previously like 9 to 5 (Judy), Into the Woods (Cinderella), The Lightning Thief (Silena Beauregard), and now The Hunchback of Notre Dame. (Florika) Her latest project has been partnering with Opera Contempo through a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts in the Opera Twice Through the Heart. Madeleine wants to thank her loving family, friends and partner for being endlessly supportive.
Kimm McConnachie (She/ Her) (Gargoyle/ Frollo Signer)
Kimm McConnachie is an American Sign Language interpreter ready to bring her skills to the stage. Her innate ability to convey meaning and emotion through sign language has allowed her to facilitate effective communication and create inclusive experiences for both Deaf and hearing individuals. Beyond the theater, Kimm is a mother of 3 amazing children, who live by her motto "We can do hard things"! She is a very active member of her community serving on various boards. Kimm served as President of UTRID ( Utah registry of Interpreters for the Deaf) for 5 years and has been interpreting for almost 30 years. With a hunger for opportunity and a drive to succeed, Kimm is ready to embark on this exciting journey and make her dreams of acting on the stage a reality.
Phoebe Danz (They/ Them) (Gargoyle/ Jehan, Clopin, Saint Aphrodisius Signer)
Phoebe is very grateful to be a part of this wonderful show! They are excited to be working with an amazing cast and crew on this beautiful piece of theatre and sharing it with the audience. Phoebe would like to thank their family and friends who continue to be supportive and loving, especially their sister Emma who helped cultivate and encourage their love of theatre and whom Phoebe is incredibly grateful for and proud of. They would also like to thank Ziegfeld for this opportunity and everyone who has made this production possible. They would also like to acknowledge their amazing co-workers at the Kenneth Burdett School for the Deaf who do important and meaningful work everyday; Phoebe is very lucky to learn from and work alongside so many supportive and incredible people.
Sydney McAlister (She/ Her) (Gargoyle)
After almost a year in the Stage Manager chair, Sydney is so excited to be back on stage in this beautiful show! You may have previously seen her on the Zig stage in shows like Grease (Sandy), Freaky Friday (Ellie Blake), and Pirates of Penzance. Other credits include Little Women (Jo March), The Drowsy Chaperone (Kitty), and The Little Mermaid (Andrina). She works full time right here at the Ziegfeld Theater as the Marketer and Production Manager. She would like to thank her friends, family, and her incredibly talented boyfriend, Alma, for their endless love and support. "Enjoy the show!"
Andrew Stone (He/ Him) (Frederic/ Young Frollo/ Saint Aphrodisius)
Andrew Stone has been acting for over a year and has been in shows such as: Footloose, The Scarlett Pimpernell, and Singing in the Rain. He enjoys hanging out with his friends, watching movies and playing video games. He hopes to continue acting both on the stage and on the screen for his whole life.
Zac Sorensen (He/ They) (Father Dupin/ Ensemble)
Zac has loved doing theater his entire life. He has been in many shows in and out of high school. His latest rolled being Narrator in Into the woods at skyline high school and Liver Lips Luis in guys and dolls at cottonwood community.
Chasten Roberts (He/ Him) (King Louis XI/ Ensemble)
I just finished high school and I’m trying to keep in the theater scene .I plan to go to college in the spring to get a degree in theater.
Aurora Nelson (She/ Her) (Ensemble/ Gargoyle Understudy)
Aurora is ecstatic to be joining the ensemble of the Ziegfeld's Hunchback of Notre Dame in ASL. She loves theatre and the opportunities it gives her to grow and express herself through art. Some of her favorite previous roles have been Hope Cladwell in Urinetown, Morticia in Addams Family, and the Witch in Into the Woods.
Chloe Price (She/ Her) (Ensemble)
Chloe is so excited to be making her Ziegfeld debut! She would like to thank her wonderful family and fantastic friends for being so supportive.
Jack Mergens (He/ Him) (Ensemble)
Jack is so excited to be apart of this beautiful production. Jack was last seen on the Ziegfeld stage for the production Kinky Boots. Jack loves theatre and has been performing for as long as he can remember and hopes to continue to do so.
Ash McKnight (They/ Them) (Ensemble)
Ash is so excited to be doing their second show at The Zig! You may have seen them most recently in the Ensemble of Singing in the Rain at BTPP, Sam in Elf: The Musical at the Zig, or Ensemble in Big Fish at Centerpointe. Ash is so happy for this amazing opportunity, and all that may follow.
Cassandra Peña (She/ They) (Ensemble)
Cass is thrilled to be back at the Zig, and even more thrilled to be a part of this show! Cass has performed at numerous theaters across Northern Utah, including Centerpoint, Ziegfeld, Hopebox, and Ogden Musical Theatre, as well as in staged & virtual readings with Plan B Theatre and An Other Theatre Company. They were most recently seen as Mimi in Rent (Ziegfeld) and Alice in The Secret Garden (OMT). Other past shows include The Scarlet Pimpernel (CPT), Ragtime (CPT), The Drowsy Chaperone (Hopebox), and West Side Story (Hopebox). She would like to thank her friends and family for all of their love and support. Thank you all so much for coming!
Presley Galbraith (She/ Her) (Ensemble)
Presley had been dancing her whole life and doing theater since 6th grade. She is very excited to do community again after a long break. She is thankful to her family for supporting her through everything.