Madagascar Jr. Cast

Genevieve Fontenot (Alex)
Genevieve is 11 years old and in the 5th grade. She loves the experience of performing on stage! She is enjoying her third year at Wonderland and has performed in 9 musical theater productions. Wonderland Academy & the theater have become her home away from home for creativity, her aspirations and friends. Offstage, Genevieve plays the clarinet & enjoys math and science at school. Enjoy the show!
Ashton Thomas (Marty)
Ashton Thomas is an 11 year old, 5th grader, at Episcopal School of Acadiana. He is very excited for his role of Marty!! This is his third performance at Wonderland. He enjoys performing, singing, and drawing. He loves his time at Wonderland and doing what he loves. He enjoys building friendships in each of his performances.
Isabel Feliz (Gloria)
Isabel is a 5th-grade student at Woodvale Elementary, where she is in the gifted program, talented art and theater, chorus and is a news anchor on Woodvale Synergy Network. Isabel swims competitively and is a Black Belt in Karate. In her free time, she draws, writes stories, rides her pony, and sings. She is so excited to be Gloria the Hippo!
Scarlett LeJeune (Melman)
Scarlett is a 12-year-old, 6th grader at LJ Alleman Fine Arts Academy. She is in the gifted enrichment program, as well as talented theater and singing. This will be her 8th performance with Wonderland but her 11th performance in total. She loves acting, singing, and softball. She hopes you enjoy the show!
Amy Thomas (Skipper)
Amy is a 5th grader at Westminster Christian Academy. This is her 8th Wonderland production, and she is so excited to be Skipper! Amy loves all things Musical Theater. She is also learning Guitar and enjoys art and dance classes. When she’s not performing onstage, Amy loves spending time with her friends.
Ainsley Frank (Kowalski)
Ainsley is a 5th grade student at ESA. This is her second musical at Wonderland. Ainsley has participated in the ESA production of Moana and is currently participating in ESA's spring production of Junie B. Jones. Ainsley loves music, reading, piano, hanging out with her besties and enjoys helping her mom at her veterinary hospital after school. She is so excited to continue growing her theater skills here at Wonderland.
Isabelle Frieden (Private)
Isabelle is a 9yr old homeschool student who loves to dance and sing. Isabelle is in her 7th year of dance with Academy of Christian Arts. She is excited to perform in her 6th production with Wonderland.
Oliver Hess (Rico)
Oliver is a 6th grader at Milton Elementary & Middle and a member of the LPSS Talented Program for theater. Born in New Orleans and raised in Lafayette, this is his 7th year at Wonderland and his 10th production. Oliver has a younger brother and 4 pets including 3 dogs and 1 cat. Oliver loves performing on stage and going to see Broadway shows in NYC and at the Saenger theater in New Orleans.
Juliana Troyanowski (Mort)
Juliana Troyanowski is a 3rd grader at ESA and this is her 3rd Wonderland production. She loves the stage and her Wonderland friends. She collects miniature things and rocks. She also loves art, piano, cats, and being the baby of her family.
Macie Riche (Lynn)
Macie Riché is a 5th grader at Ascension Episcopal School. She has taken acting and singing classes for 5 years. At Wonderland Performing Arts, Macie has been part of Zombies, Annie, Willy Wonka, Dr. Doolittle Jr., Wonder Play, Wonder Voices, Snowflake’s Christmas Adventure and she has performed for showcase at Acadian Village. She loves creating YouTube content, singing and performing!
Avery Huckabay (Lew)
Avery Huckabay is a 6th grader at ARCA. Her interests include volleyball, softball and being in the lights of the stage. She's been at Wonderland for 3 years and has acted in Annie, Willy Wonka, Zombies the Musical, and The Best Christmas Pageant Ever the Musical.
Stella Wu (Lee)
Stella is a fifth grader at ESA. She enjoys singing, dancing, and art. Stella has performed in Peter Pan, Moana, SpongeBob the Musical, and The Best Christmas Pageant Ever the Musical and is excited to be in another show.
Libby Gardner (Maurice)
Libby is a 5th grader in the Talented Arts program at Woodvale Elementary School. This is her fifth Wonderland production. In addition to acting, Libby enjoys gymnastics, hanging out with her friends, and making pizza.
Adelaide Brandon (King Julien)
Addy Brandon is a 4th grader at ESA. When she's not on stage she enjoys tumbling and making up dances, skits, and songs, with her friends. She also loves relaxing. Addy is so excited to be King Julian in Madagascar Jr. She hopes that this show will make you smile, laugh and take you to the world of Madagascar.
Abbie Rideau (Cameraman)
This is Abbie’s third Wonderland production. She also has many hobbies including dancing, acting, crafting, & reading. She is a third grader at ESA.
Parker Gomez (Candy Hammernose)
This is Parker's third play at Wonderland Academy. She is 11 years old and in the 5th grade. In addition to performing here with her friends, she also enjoys singing, playing volleyball, and writing. She hopes you enjoy the funky and loud cast of Madagascar!
Milo Hess (Passerby)
Milo is in the 4th grade at Milton Elementary. A Lafayette native, this is his 5th production and his 5th year at Wonderland. Milo has an older brother (Oliver -also in the show!) and 4 pets - including 3 dogs and 1 cat. He plays soccer and loves to travel with his family, play on his MetaQuest and create videos in his spare time.
Ruby Musumeche (Old Lady)
Ruby and her brother, Ross, are 3rd graders at Broadmoor Elementary. They are both excited to perform in their first theater production! Ruby is active in dance and has been taking lessons for the last 6 years. She also enjoys singing. She has participated in several semesters with Wonderland, but she is fired up to work with this great team on her first show!
Vivienne Cato (Zookeeper Zelda)
Vivienne Cato (Zookeeper Zelda) is a fifth grade Gifted/Talented Theatre student. She is excited to make her acting debut in Madagascar Jr. In her free time, she enjoys making art, reading, and roller skating.
Ross Musumeche (Zookeeper Zeke)
Ross and his sister, Ruby, are 3rd graders at Broadmoor Elementary. They are both excited to perform in their first theater production! Ross plays drumset, piano and recently started lessons on vibraphone. He has enjoyed several semesters with Wonderland, but he is thrilled to work with this great team on his first show!
Emily Graciana (Zookeeper Zoe)
Emily is a 5th grader at J Wallace James who loves reading, drawing, and acting. This will be her 3rd year with Wonderland. She recently performed in Acadiana Christmas Carol where she enjoyed playing multiple roles.
Gavin Cox (Mason)
Gavin is a 12 year old homeschooled student, and this is his third semester at Wonderland. When he’s not studying all things acting, he enjoys gaming and playing basketball. Madagascar is his FIRST production performance, and he’s ready to hit the stage as Mason!
Grace Hunter (Lioness #1)
Gracie is a 7th grade student at Sts. Peter and Paul Catholic School. She loves to sing, play the ukulele, draw, and spend time in her imaginary land “Gracie World”. This is her third performance at Wonderland.