About A Christmas Carol

A Christmas Carol

Adaptation by William Leary

Original Songs and Compositions Jennifer Quilty 

Set in modern times, this version of the Charles Dickens classic tale from Wolf Pack Theatre Company, playwright William Leary and Composer Jennifer Quilty ​presents a unique and moving musical theater experience!

The poverty and indifference to human suffering that typified London in the mid-19th century is skillfully paralleled in this present-day drama.

The story begins on Christmas Eve with a group of homeless individuals and families warming their hands over a fire in a trash bin outside of a church church shelter. They discuss the concerns of the day including unemployment and the greed of the business community including Scrooge Enterprises, the towns most miserly and miserable employer. We are introduced to the Cratchitt family as they make their first appearance in a homeless shelter. 

As the characters are introduced, we find the interpersonal connections and family ties that make this retelling of the family favorite fresh and unlike any other of the thousands of productions through the years.  

Expertly weaving ​traditional Christmas Carols and soon-to-be classic songs into the story, Leary and Quilty bring you a cleverly staged and thrillingly reimagined production that is sure to help 'Keep the Spirit of Christmas alive all the year through!' 

A portion of each ticket sold for this production will benefit Community Crisis Services Warm Nights Homeless and Safe Passages Domestic Violence Shelter Programs.

Wolf Pack Theatre Company

Wolf Pack Theatre Company, is focused on two main things: Building a strong theatre community in the DC Metro area, and encouraging and supporting new works and local talent.

We are proud to say we have carried ourselves since 2015, and brought to the stage five world premiers, one regional premier and have introduced local audiences to exciting new works! 

Founder William Leary is the recipient of multiple writing awards for his works including Masquerade, Forsaken Angels, Dancing at Midnight, Midnight Cigarette and Uncle Nick! 

Wolf Pack Theatre Company is the winner of multiple DC and Maryland Awards for their unique interpretations of new works and fan favorites.