About The History of the Town of Windsor, the Musical

The History of the Town of Windsor, The Musical

            Windsor may only be celebrating 30 years of incorporation this summer, but it’s been packed with history and adventure for over a hundred and fifty years.  Did you know that the first airmail flight in the world was made in a plane built in Windsor and flown from Santa Rosa to Petaluma??  Did you know there used to be a reptile Garden, a purple cow, and a Windsor Castle?? Now you get to see that history told through song and dance by The Windsor Performing Arts Academy and the students of Windsor Middle School. 

Heather Cullen researched for over a year to write The History of the Town of Windsor, The Musical  It takes Windsor from 1855 when Hyrum Lewis delivered mail for the first Windsor Post office  through to the future. In fact the grand finale has the cast lined up in Pomo families, Pioneer families, families from the 20’s 40’s 50’s etc. all the way to an alien family wearing “I Love Windsor” t-shirts, indicating that in the future even folks from Space will want to come visit Windsor!   We’re especially excited that Kerry Ampuero’s Ballet Folklorica will be dancing in our show. Kenny Simione helped with arranging music and Vinyl Revival will also be performing.  The 1.5 hour Performances are Thursday Nov 17, 7pm, Friday, Nov 18.  There will be booths outside the theatre selling treats to eat and displays in the Lobby with more details about the history of different groups in Windsor (i.e. Kiwanis, Rotary, Soroptomists, Knights of Columbus, Grange, Masons, Veterans,  etc.) so come early! (If you haven't gotten your display to Heather DO SO NOW PLEASE!!!

            Heather spent months interviewing old families in Windsor, the Windsor Historical Society, the Healdsburg Museum, Veterans, and others in order to create this amazing experience which focuses on individuals and groups both famous and quiet.  As she began her investigations a theme appeared that grew stronger and stronger. Starting with the local Pomo families and continuing through the pioneer families of the mid 1800’s and into the present there is a strong tradition of families loving each other and teaching their children to serve their community.  Cullen says, “I am super impressed with the people I have met in Windsor.  They are adults who have stood up for families in Windsor, built parks, built schools, churches and provided services to help each other.  We are a hard working community of people who care about each other and have been for decades.”  Cullen hopes that when locals come to see this play about themselves and their heritage they will be inspired to continue to serve in any capacity they can.  She hopes hat the town leaders will see it and be inspired to work hard to make it easy to live, work and play in Windsor. For those who just moved here, she hopes they will see the play and “fall in love” with the spirit of Windsor and become a part of the living history of service as well.  Tickets are $10 a person and are sold at the door or can be ordered online https://our.show/historyofwindsormusical 

For more information about the Windsor Performing Arts Academy and how you can help visit Windsorperformingarts.net 

Windsor Middle School

Heather Cullen is the CTE: Intro to performing arts teacher for Windsor Middle School. She is also one of the founders and director of the Windsor Performing Arts Academy (Windsorperformingarts.net).  Students in Mrs. Cullen's Class learn many of the full production rolls:  choreography, script writing, singing, dance, marketing/media, editing, set building, costuming, stage make up, and stage manager expectations.  Mrs. Cullen raised over $30, 000 and donated much herself to upgrade the stage with a new state of the art sound system, lighting system, and new curtains.  Her joy is helping her students and those who work with her find the awesome inside of themselves.