Aladdin Cast

Aladdin (Brock Brimhall)
Hi my name is Brock Brimhall, I'm 16 years old. I go to Snowflake high School and I'm going to be a junior. I play sports and act. I'm on the varsity and JV basketball teams and JV golf team. My first big role was playing buddy's little brother in Elf: The Musical. I have also been Peter Pan in Peter and the Starcatcher and Grease the Musical as Doody. Most recent I was in was the ensemble in Anastasia. This summer I am doing acting with AGB or Actors Giving Back. Acting has changed my life so much and has given me many opportunities to pursue my dream. I'm so grateful for the plays and roles I have been given, and for the many people who have helped me along the way.
Jasmine (Alyssa Evans)
Alyssa has been involved in the arts since the age of 3. Her proudest roles include Matilda in Matilda the Musical, Young Amy in Little Women and Leisl in The Sound of Music. Alyssa aspires to become a professional actor. She studied with AGB Studios, and is currently represented by the Daniel Hoff Agency. She is a member of the student council, auto club and choir teams. She is so excited for this opportunity to play Jasmine! She would like to thank her family, friends and directors for being so supportive.
Abu (Bayley Leslie)
I have been in drama for the last 2 years, and have participated now in 4 plays. My hobbies are drama, singing, dancing, gymnastics, and swim team
Jafar (Santiago Santana)
Santiago Santana has grown quite accustomed to the stage, previously performing in: Annie (Warbucks) Beauty and the Beast, Shrek(Shrek), Peter and Wendy (Captain Hook), Footloose, Lion King (Mufasa) Sound of Music (Max) and most recently co-directing the production of Lion King. Santi hopes you enjoy Aladdin!
Iago (Kassie Haws)
Kassie is an incredibly gifted singer and actress. She is currently working on a production of Matilda the musical playing Mrs. Wormwood in Phoenix, which is why I am sneaking in and writing her bio for her. :-). She loves Chipotle more than Cafe Rio (sorry Devin). She falls asleep watching tik tok, so I'm always stuck listening to the same video on repeat. Aside from her iphone addiction, she is the best friend anyone could ask for! Love ya Kass! - Alyssa
Genie (Kathleen Jensen)
Kate jensen is 16 yrs old and has loved singing and acting her whole life. She enjoys writing music and spending time with friends in her free time.  She has been in many productions including Sound of Music as Gretl, Annie, The Little Princess, Shrek, Annie Jr., Beauty and the Beast as Belle, Footloose as Vi Moore, and Sound of music as Maria. She has also been in many music theatre workshops and Millennial Choirs and Orchestras. Kate is so overjoyed to play such a fun part in Aladdin, and can’t wait for more opportunities in the future.
Carpet (Madison Ballard)
Madi is 15 and full of life on and off the stage. She has done in over 10 productions and helped with 5 others. Madi also love cheer, making the Varsity team her Sophomore year. She love to dance and be with family and friends including her dog, Oakey!
Sultan (Rockwell Rigg)
Hi my name is Rockwell Rigg but people call me Rocky. I am a freshmen in high school and I am playing the sultan.This is my first time ever doing a play and I love it. I am really in to soccer and love playing it with people I love. I also like watching some of my favorite teams as well. I also love playing and making music with my family and friends. I play the drums as my main instrument but I also enjoy playing guitar, piano, and Bass.Hope you enjoy the show.
Narrator/ Dancer (Jadyn Gillette)
Jadyn is thrilled to be performing in this production of Aladdin. She is 14 years old and will be a Sophomore at Empire High School in Vail, AZ this year. This will be her 19th production to perform in. Some of her favorite roles include Jane Banks in “Mary Poppins”, Elle Woods in “Legally Blonde”, Susan Waverly in “White Christmas”, and so many others. She is excited for all the new friends and memories made at camp this summer. Thank you for coming to see the show.
Head Guard (Isabel Ballard)
Izzy is a recent HS graduate and going to moving on in the tech world. She has been in numours productions and plays including Peter Pan, Elf, and her favorite role as Mrs White in Clue on Stage. She is wiz at theatre tech and has run tech for 5 productions. In her spare time she's love to write books and make up stories.
Citizen (Payton Cavey)
Payton has previously performed in Annie Jr. as an ensemble orphan. Payton loves acting on the stage. She is in 7th grade and enjoys hanging out with her friends. She says thanks for coming to the show! And yes, she is the life of the party!
Citizen (Sophia Decamillo)
Hi my name is Sophia DiCamillo, I am 10 years old and going into 5th grade. As soon as I could talk I have been singing and dancing. Dancing and singing are my passion! I play the flute, keyboard, and drums. My past times include swimming, hanging out with my family, friends, and my dogs!
Citizen (Elena Duncan)
Citizen/ Prince (Lillian Encarnacion)
Lilly just turned 13 and will be in 8th grade. She played a wolf cub in her school’s production of The Jungle Book, and has also been in her school’s choir the last 2 years. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her family, friends, and her dog, and listening to music.
Guard/ Prince (Skylar Fielding)
Skylar is the youngest of six children. And loves to spend time with his older sisters. He loves creating; wheather its games, plays, making up jokes or art projects, as long as it is creative Skylar will do it. He likes learning new things, this year he is learning how to grow plants, crochet and stepping out of his comfort zone my being in the play. He is so much fun to have around and I love watching him grow.
Attendant/ Dancer/ Hoops (Alejandra Figueroa)
Guard (Armando Figueroa)
Attendant/ Dancer/Hoops (Aviana Figueroa)
Attendant/ Dancer/ Hoops (Sara Figueroa)
Citizen (Harper Fluckiger)
Hi, my name is Harper! I am 10 years old. I love nothing more than doing gymnastics and drawing. One of my favorite colors is navy blue. My family recently moved here from Connecticut so that we could live close to more family. I am a little nervous but mostly excited to participate in Aladdin!
Attendant/ Dancer (Leah Gaffney)
Leah Gaffney is going into the 8th grade at St. Anthony School in Show Low, AZ. Along with various school productions, she played Who #4 in "Horton Hears a Who" with Northern Pioneer College and the Narrator in “Comic Book Hero,” with Palo Alto Children’s Theater. During the COVID 19 pandemic, she organized her classmates to put on a production of “ The Greatest Showman” at Yosemite Valley School. She has a background in gymnastics and loves to play soccer, ski, and run cross country.
Attendant/ Dancer (Kyriana Gandy)
Hi, my name is Kyriana Gandy and I am 14 years old. A few of my favorite things are dancing, reading, writing, singing, and spending time with close ones.
Citizen (Kayla Gibson)
Guard (David Horne)
David Horne plays Guard 3 in Aladdin. He has been performing since he was young and has played the roles of Chip in Beauty and the Beast and Kurt in The Sound of Music, as well as various roles in elementary programs. He plays the cello in the Blue Ridge Intermediate Orchestra and takes voice and acting classes with Ms. Alli Mae Carnes. David loves all things Disney and wants to be a Disney Imagineer when he grows up. He has loved being a part of Aladdin, and he is grateful for all the friends and memories he’s made.
Guard (Blade Leahy)
This is Blades first play and he is excited to be joining WMPA in their production of Aladdin. He is a 9 year old student at Blue Ridge elementary and enjoys collecting anything from coins to crawdads.
Attendant/ Dancer (Aspen Mesolella)
Guard (Yonathan Muñoz)
This is Yonathan's debut on the stage. He is enjoying the acting and singing. Yonathan also enjoys playing football and soccer. Yonathan is in 6th grade and looks forward to going to BRJH next year.
Citizen (Deanna Olsen)
My name is Deanna Olson. I am 10 years old. I have been dancing for 7 years. I was invited to be in The Dance Academy of the White Mountains Company of dancers. I have competed for a year now and have won multiple medals. I really enjoy performing.
Citizen (Hendrix Orona)
Citizen (Kate Owens)
Kate will be in 4th grade this coming school year. She is very artistic, loves school & getting together with friends.
Peasant/ Citizen (Olivia Ramberg)
Citizen (Lindsey Ramírez)
Citizen (Rosey Riggs)
Rosey is a Fourth grader and while this is her debut in the Lion King, she is a natural born drama kid. She participates in piano, dance, gymnastics, singing in church choir, and enjoys doing impersonations. She loves being with her family and friends, and tries to follow Jesus. Rosey wishes her cast members and the crew good luck with the show and thanks you for attending Aladdin!
Citizen (Grace Rose)
Gracie is very excited to be a part of the Lion King Junior and is making her singing debut with her solo in Circle of Life! She is in 5th grade at Blue Ridge Elementary. She previously played Faith in “O’ Chicken of Little Faith” and looks forward to being a part of more productions in the future. She loves playing softball, creating art, and hanging out with her youth group at church. On a day off, Gracie can be found reading a good book snuggled with her cat, Madison.
Attendant/ Dancer (Tatianna Silva)
Attendant/ Dancer (Nora Snodgrass)
Nora is excited to return for her second theatrical performance in Aladdin. She previously was an ensemble member in The Lion King and featured as the hunted gazelle during the lioness hunt. Nora loves reading, pizza, adventuring, and any cat that has ever crossed her path.
Citizen (Isla Staheli)
Isla is 15 years old and homeschooled. Theater has become one of her biggest passions and she loves to be on stage. Isla recently played Adult Nala in the 2024 White Mountain Performing Arts Lion King Jr musical and it was an unforgettable experience. Isla also enjoys gardening outside in nature, writing poetry, and spending time with her friends and family.
Citizen (Elijah Struthers)
Elijah is going into 4th grade at Blue Ridge Elementary. He has previously performed in The Lion King Jr. as Ed (the funny hyena), The Nutcracker as a mouse and Polichinelle boy, and with several school choirs. He loves to play sports including soccer, baseball, and basketball. Elijah also recently joined a robotics club, and loves to read (his current favorite series are Percy Jackson, Land of Stories, and Harry Potter).
Citizen (Ruth Struthers)
Ruth is going into 2nd grade at Blue Ridge Elementary. She has previously performed in The Lion King Jr. as a lioness cub, The Sound of Music as Gretl, The Nutcracker as a mouse and Polichinelle girl, and with several school choirs. Ruth finds joy in creating art with any supplies she can get her hands on. Ruth loves to help in the garden and snuggle with her dogs.
Citizen (Aoibhinn Terry)
Aoibhinn (pronounced Aven, like Raven without the R) makes her acting debut in WMPA’s summer camp production of Aladdin, but she’s no stranger to the stage, having performed dance and karate in front of various audiences. Aoibhinn is 10 years old, loves nature and plans to dedicate her life to ocean environmentalism. Her favorite animal is the blue-ringed octopus, her favorite princess is Jasmine (because she’s fierce), and her favorite color is purple. She is a founding member of Young Earth Protectors, a local club formed to educate the community on climate change and combat litter in Arizona’s wild spaces. “Say YEP to protecting the Earth!”
Citizen (Sadie Wahlin)
Sadie loves theater so much! She wants to be a vet or something else... she does not really know yet. She has done lots of theater and choirs like Annie Jr., Shrek Jr., Beauty and the Beast, and was an understudy for Gretl and Marta in The Sound of Music. She also loves math.
Royal Ann/ Attendant/ Dancer (Zoey Wahlin)