The Lion King Jr. Cast

Elaina Jensen (Rafiki)
Elaina Jensen is so excited to join White Mountain Performing Arts for this production! As the 5th of 7 children, Elaina has been surrounded by music all of her life. In addition to voice, Elaina enjoys playing guitar, ukulele and piano, and is also experimenting with composition. In gratitude for her gifts, she dedicates this performance to her Lord Jesus Christ.
Spencer Whiting  (Mufasa)
Heya! My name is Spencer, as you've seen above, and I play mufasa! (As seen above.) Anyways, working on the play has been some work. ( I was the first casualty...) but it's been pretty fun! Stay hydrated, wear your seat belt, and enjoy the show!
Noah Israel (Young Simba )
Noah is 9 years old. This is his first time getting involved in theater. He is finding he enjoys acting and singing. He also enjoys playing baseball and spending time with his family.
Parley Brandon (Grown Simba)
PARLEY IS AWESOME!!! He's also amazing. And come to think of it, he's splendid and terriffic too!
Zac Rhoton (Scar)
Zac is very excited to make his performing debut in The Lion King Jr. He loves going to school and all of his 8th grade classes. When he's not in school Zac enjoys listening to music and learning how to audio mix. He has a knack for creating many things with items from around the house. He has a very distinct palete for his love of food. He loves spending time with his sisters and brother.
Isla Staheli (Grown Nala)
Playing adult Nala in The Lion King, this is Isla Staheli’s first theatrical performance. To say she is in love with all things theater is an understatement and she is already making plans to be in as many performances as possible throughout the remainder of high school. She is freshman age, however, she is homeschooled and on track to graduate high school at sixteen. She is a vibrant, social soul who loves being around friends and family but also could get lost in the mountains in her favorite places, Unit One and Greer. She is a hunteress, a nature photographer, and soon to be flower grower with ambitions to sell her stems, bouquets and seeds. Those who know Isla, love her as she has a way of bringing out the best in those she encounters. She is grateful for the opportunity to work with an amazing cast and crew.
Hattie Atkinson  (Sarabi)
Hattie Atkinson is a 7th grader at BRJH. She has been involved in honor choir for several years, as well as school musical programs. Outside of theater, Hattie has recently started piano lessons, enjoys cross country, and love everything about snakes. Hattie has had so much fun preparing for “The Lion King” and is excited for her theatrical debut.
Rosey Rigg (Sarafina )
Rosey is a Fourth grader and while this is her debut in the Lion King, she is a natural born drama kid. She participates in piano, dance, gymnastics, singing in church choir, and enjoys doing impersonations. She loves being with her family and friends, and tries to follow Jesus. Rosey wishes her cast members and the crew good luck with the show and thanks you for attending the Lion King!
Izzy Reeck (Zazu)
The Lion King is Izzy’s first official foray into the theater world although she’s been a fan for a number of years. Izzy loves to sing, dance, read, and play soccer. She is currently learning Spanish. She’s super excited for this opportunity and would like to thank her parents for always being supportive, encouraging her through all the ups and downs!
Ada Whiting  (Young Nala)
Ada Whiting is a 3rd grader at BRES. She has participated in choir and dance, but Lion King Jr. is her first theater production. She loves to read and play ukulele. She is also learning to play guitar. She wants to audition for more plays in the future!
Bayley Leslie  (Timon)
I have been in drama for the last 2 years, and have participated now in 4 plays. My hobbies are drama, singing, dancing, gymnastics, and swim team
Ian Eddy (Pumba)
"I'm Ian Eddy. I'm 14. This is my first play and uh...this is my first bio."
Sadie Wahlin (Shenzi )
Sadie loves theater so much! She wants to be a vet or something else... she does not really know yet. She has done lots of theater and choirs like Annie Jr., Shrek Jr., Beauty and the Beast, and was an understudy for Gretl and Marta in The Sound of Music. She also loves math.
Jack Shumway (Banzai)
Jack is in third grade at Blue Ridge Elementary. This is his first stage production. Jack loves to play baseball and basketball and his favorite school subject is math.
Elijah Struthers (Ed)
Elijah is in 3rd grade at Blue Ridge Elementary. He has previously performed in The Nutcracker as a mouse and Polichinelle boy, and with several school choirs. He loves to play sports including soccer, baseball, and basketball. Elijah has been looking forward to performing as Ed because he loves to use humor and sarcasm in his real life too.
Jimmy Wright (Eddy)
I am 6 years old. I love to swim, snow ski, dance, play soccer and baseball. Anything where I can go fast! I want to be a soldier when I grow up and fly helicopters.
Ruth Struthers  (Nala's Friend)
Ruth is in 1st grade at Blue Ridge Elementary. She has previously performed in The Sound of Music as Gretl, The Nutcracker as a mouse and Polichinelle girl, and with several school choirs. Ruth loves to make art and finds joy in creating with anything she can get her hands on. Ruth has been looking forward to performing as a lioness cub because she gets to be with her friends Penny and Ada.
Penny Brandon (Nala's Friend)
I'm Penny and this is my first time in a play. I'm very excited to be in this play. Ms. Becky and Santi are really great directors and I'm very glad to have them teach me.
James England (Buzzard/Hyena/Bird)
I love fast and furious, drawing, and old cars. I love plays, qoir, and acting. Lastly I love to be in the ocean.
Ram Dimalimat (Hyena/Bird)
Ram is very excited to make many theater “firsts” in Blue Ridge’s “The Lion King Jr.” He loves being a 5th grader. When he’s not in school, Ram enjoys basketball, card/board games, reading, and learning to fish! You find him participating in youth basketball, youth band, and the county Spelling Bee. He wants to thank his sister for being an inspiration on “Sound of Music” and his parents for his snacks!
Paige Weland (Hyena/Cheetah)
This is Paige's first theater experience. Her favorite part of Lion King Jr. is dancing in the musical number He Lives in You. Paige likes to participate in athletics such as softball, volleyball, basketball, and track. She also dances tap, lyrical, and ballet with the Dance Academy.
Sophia DiCamillo  (Lioness/Cheetah)
Sophia is loving her first theater show, and her favorite part of Lion King Jr. is the Lioness Hunt. Sophia is in band where she plays flute. Sophia is in 4th grade and her favorite subject in school is history.
Elliot Woods (Hyena/Elephant )
Elliot Woods is in 8th grade at BRJH. In the past, he has been in musicals at BRES and Annie Jr. with White Mountain Performing Arts. He loves singing, playing the piano, riding his bike, and drawing.
Audrey Woods (Hyena/Elephant)
Audrey Woods is 8th grade at BRJH. She was previously in Annie Jr. with White Mountain Performing Arts. She enjoys running, baking, playing piano, and reading for hours on end.
Blakely Meile (Lioness/Zebra)
Blakely Meile was born in Aiken, South Carolina. She is currently a student third grade student at Blue Ridge Elementary School. She has one older sister, Brooklynn (12), and two younger twin sisters, Hannah and Madison (7). In her spare time she enjoys gymnastics, playing the recorder and playing outside. She loves to bird watch and swim whenever she gets the chance as well.
Vanessa Smith (Lioness/Zebra)
This is Vanessa's first play and she loves it. She was inspired by the Sound of Music musical. She is a 3rd grader who loves being a Yellow Jacket.
Payton Cavey (Lioness/Zebra)
Payton has previously performed in Annie Jr. as an ensemble orphan. Payton loves acting on the stage. She is in 7th grade and enjoys hanging out with her friends. She says thanks for coming to the show! And yes, she is the life of the party!
Nora Snodgrass (Lioness/Gazel)
This is Nora’s first theatrical performance and one of her favorite life experiences. Nora loves to read, take piano lessons, preform, and has her orange belt in karate and loves cats!
Jamesey Lilly (Lioness/Gazel)
Jamesey is in 7th grade and has previously performed in school musical performances. In Lion King Jr. her favorite parts are Circle of Life and He Lives in You. Jamesey plays soccer where she likes to play midfield. She is enjoying learning Spanish at school. Enjoy the show!
Brianna Maya Squire Sanchez (Hyena/Zebra)
Hi! I'm Axel, and this is my first time being in a play and it is pretty awesome-sauce. I play violin, wrestle, run in cross country, and paint with acrylics. I really love being here with everyone and working with fantastic directors.
Skylar Fielding (Hyena/Antelope)
Skylar is the youngest of six children. And loves to spend time with his older sisters. He loves creating; wheather its games, plays, making up jokes or art projects, as long as it is creative Skylar will do it. He likes learning new things, this year he is learning how to grow plants, crochet and stepping out of his comfort zone my being in the play. He is so much fun to have around and I love watching him grow.
Gracie Rose (Soloist Antelope/Hyena)
Gracie is very excited to be a part of the Lion King Junior and is making her singing debut with her solo in Circle of Life! She is in 5th grade at Blue Ridge Elementary. She previously played Faith in “O’ Chicken of Little Faith” and looks forward to being a part of more productions in the future. She loves playing softball, creating art, and hanging out with her youth group at church. On a day off, Gracie can be found reading a good book snuggled with her cat, Madison.
Ari Bench (Hyena/Antelope)
This is Ari's first full stage production. She has previously been in school musical performances and she enjoys singing. Ari is in 5th grade and math is her favorite school subject. Ari plays softball and competes in running and jumping in track. Ari says thank you to Santi and Becky for helping her grow as an actor!
Yonathan Munoz  (Hyena/Antelope)
This is Yonathan's debut on the stage. He is enjoying the acting and singing. Yonathan also enjoys playing football and soccer. Yonathan is in 6th grade and looks forward to going to BRJH next year.
Skylar Dumdie  (Lioness)
Skylar sang in a variety show last year, but this is her first full stage show. Skylar loves being with all of her friends and watching the show come together here at Lion King Jr. Skylar plays softball, and enjoys playing 1st base, 3rd base, and pitcher. She plays guitar and loves playing with her two dogs.
Mckayla Richardson (Lioness)
McKayla is excited to make her acting debut as a lioness in WMPA’s The Lion King. As a book worm, she is often found tucked in a corner, devouring her next book. When not lost in literature, McKayla enjoys coloring, baking, practicing the violin and creating songs on the piano. Her large heart has no constraints. She expresses love and thanks to her family and NEW Lion King family for this memorable opportunity!
Lilly Baker (Lioness)
This will be Lilly Baker's acting debut. She started choir last year and it has helped her get more comfortable on the stage. Her family is so excited for her and can't wait to watch her grow in her performance. When she's not on stage Lilly likes to bake, create resin jewelry, and anything creative. Good luck Lilly!
Rachel Whiting  (Giraffe)
Rachel Whiting is a sophomore in high school. She loves walking on stilts and has been walking on them for 5 years. She loves to cook and wants to go to college for culinary and become a chef.
Sarah Whiting (Giraffe)
Sarah Whiting is a senior in high school. She loves walking on stilts and has been walking on them for 5 years. She is excited to graduate at the end of this school year. She is going to college to become a Veterinarian.