About Pops Concert

Here is the concert program: https://docs.google.com/document/d/14pyq33qPt7BL0cNLr5Tt0H-uVGkASM6LtmH7tc8DNXI/edit?usp=sharing

Wheat Ridge High School Vocal Music

Wheat Ridge High School has a long standing tradition of excellence in choral music and the performing arts. The choirs have consistently achieved at a high level as a part of what Jim Dalton started and maintained during his long tenure as Vocal Music Director here at Wheat Ridge in the late 1900s. Choirs perform a variety of challenging repertoire, and strive for the greatest degree of professionalism, music literacy and musicality in their performances. There are four choirs here which cater to a wide range of singers and interests. The non-auditioned choirs are the tenor/bass choir and treble choir and the auditioned choirs are two mixed ensembles, Chamber Chorale and Wheat Ridge Singers. Students also have opportunities to be in the musical and to travel both in the country and to Europe.

Excellence has been maintained in choirs because of the great community, culture and family it provides. It is a place for students to feel as though they belong and can take risks to learn and grow, and to do what they are passionate about with the people they care about. Wheat Ridge also has this community feel as a whole and students can find a place to be themselves and to succeed with the support of their peers, teachers and administration.