Terror By Gaslight Cast

Dr. Cyrus Norton (A.J. Harness)
A.J. has been in several shows throughout his high school career. His favorite roles include Jack Warner in "Shakespeare in Hollywood" and Steve in "Almost, Maine." He is excited to take on the role of Dr. Cyrus Norton and cannot wait to participate in more shows here at WHS.
Shannon Paine (Opal)
Shannon has loved music her whole love. She has studied piano and violen before deciding to focus on voice and guitar. Shannon has had a variety of roles before coming to WHS including: Kelsi and a Cheerleader in "High School Musical, Jr." and held various roles in an online performance of "Hamilton."
Dr. Charles Withers (Ethan Beattie)
Ethan began doing theatre at WHS before he was a student; playing the part of Si Crowell in "Our Town" and Harlan Day in "Life With Father." Ethan started his high school theatre career his freshman year as a sound technician before acting as Zoot Doubleman in "The 1940's Radio Hour." He has since played various roles including: Sam Warner in "Shakespeare in Hollywood," and a scientist in "10 Ways to Survive the End of the World." Ethan has been accepted to Missouri State University and plans to start attending in the fall of 2022.
Dr. William Dover (Balin Pelletier)
Balin is a junior at Waynesville High School and this is his first time acting in a play. He has done tech crew before but his true passion is acting. Balin is a huge Harry Potter fan and would love to chat about it with anyone. He hopes everyone will enjoy the show.
Marilyn Norton (Tana Ownbey)
Tana Ownbey has been doing theatre for four years. Her favorite role has been Ms. Honey from Matilda the Musical. Tana has also performed in: The Witness, and The History of Dating. She loves to sing, dance, and play piano and hopes to attend Georgia University to become a music Therapist. Tana wants to thank her former teachers: Mr. Miller and Mrs. Richardson as well as her mother and step father for encouraging her to never give up and be the best woman she can be.
Constance Norton (Ellaina Henderson)
Leonard Scrubbs (Gavin Rutsh)
Gavin has been involved in theatre for two years with WHS. His favorite roles include Danny in "After Hours," and Pete in "Almost, Maine." He loves theatre and the people in it and can't wait for more opportunities to be involved in future productions. Gavin plans to join the military after high school but hopes to continue performing in the future. He would like to thank his family and friends for pushing him to do better.
Gin Hester (Lailah Clark)
Lailah has been in two high school productions, both directed by Mr. Davis. The first as a crew member for the show "Almost, Maine" in her freshman year. Lailah's second as an actor in "Terror by Gaslight." In the future, she intends on doing something in cosmetology. She would like to show her gratitude to the crew members, her friends who helped her practice, and finally her family members for their support.
Dr. Edward Daniels (Connor Sutterley)
Connor has been doing theatre for three year and has been in several shows on the WHS stage as well as the PFAA Theatre on the Square. Some of his favorite roles include Daryl in "Shakespeare in Hollywood," Bob in "10 Ways to Survive the End of the World," and Jim Nightshade in "Something Wicked This Way Comes." Connor also has a passion for sports (baseball and football) and would like to be a sports broadcaster later in life.
Kitty (Bonnie Tyson)
Bonnie has been acting for three years and has been seen as Betty in the Student Directed One Acts and as Megan in "10 Ways to Survive the End of the World." Recently she was Denna in "Almost, Maine." Bonnie has also worked behind the scenes in various crew positions (costumes, makeup, and set). Bonnie is a part of Chamber Choir, Student Government, the Freshman Mentor Program, and the Cheer team. She aspires to be in more high school productions and become a model.
Mrs. Culp (Audrey Lynch)
Audrey Lynch has been in numerous productions over the course of four years. Their favorite roles include Rhoda in The Bad Seed and Mr. Raines in The Most Dangerous Game.
Detective Harrison (Henry Westphall)
Henry Westphall has been in many production outside of the WHS stage. Some of his favorite roles include: Michael in "Peter Pan," and Will in "Something Wicked this way Comes." This is his first show at WHS.
Understudy (Sophia Geniuk)
Sophia Geniuk has been involved in theatre for two years. Last year she was an usher for the spring production "Almost, Maine" and was a member of costume crew for "Begets: Fall of a High School Ronin." She wants to be able to do something that involves music or theatre when she leaves high school.