Roots: A Double Feature. Mars in the Mountain and Caminos: A Mother's Journey Creative

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Jen Nocera
Jennifer Nocera is in her 25th year as the theatre director at VVHS. During her time here, she has directed hundreds of shows. Her favorite thing about her job is the confidence that students develop while in her program.
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Author of Mars in the Mountain
Josiah Delgado
Josiah Daniel Delgado is a writer and director. Josiah is a VVHS class of 2012 Alumni and a member of ThespianTroupe 2757. During high school he was a cast member in multiple productions in the 2011/12 school year from The Sound of Music to state drama competition DTASC. Mars in the Mountain is his theatrical debut.
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Author of Caminos: A Mother's Journey
Larry Mayorquin
Larry Steve Mayorquin is an alumnus of the Department of Theatre and New Dance at California State Polytechnic University, Pomona, where he earned his B.A. in Theatre Arts with an emphasis in Education/Community. He is also a proud member of VVHS DRAMA's Thespian Troupe 2757 and Play Upstream. Additionally, Larry is honored to be a part of the East West Players staff as the Arts Education Assistant and Volunteer Coordinator. Past directing credits include Caminos: A Mother's Journey (pick of the fringe, diversity scholarship, Producer's encore award, and Best Drama Nominee) , Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer:The Musical! , Elf: The Musical , and Heathers :The Musical . Select past acting credits include Mercutio in Romeo and Juliet, Malvolio in Twelfth Night or What You Will , Bassianus in Titus Andronicus, Mr. Collins in Pride and Prejudice, Hot-Blades Harry in Urinetown: The Musical, Hanschen Rilow in Spring Awakening, and Charlie in Elf! The Musical. Larry is honored to serve asTeatro Liberado's Artistic Director and could not be more proud to see his worlds collide as this story of HOME is presented at his artistic home - VVHS.
Marketing/Projection Design
Steven Todd
Steven Todd is a 2012 graduate of VVHS and ThespianTroupe 2757 Alumni. He is a graphic designer and his work can be seen throughout the productions. This is his theatrical production debut as a visual effects designer.
Mars in the Mountain Creative Partner
Hannsel Vicuña Vargas
Hannsel Vicuña Vargas is an actor, writer, and filmmaker. He is a 2012 VVHS graduate and a Thespian Troupe 2757 Alumni where he played lead in the spring comedy. He reunited with theatre in 2018 when he joined Slauson Rec Theatre Group, a devised theatre troupe out of South Central Los Angeles.
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Stage Manager
Zoey Brooks
Zoey is a sophomore and a member of Thespian Troupe 2757. This is Zoey's second year in the technical theatre program. Zoey has worked on The Dumbbell Competition, She Kills Monsters, A Night on Broadway and Grease. Roots is Zoey's first production as Stage Manager.
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Props and Set, House Manager
Sarahi Alvarez
Sarahi is a sophomore and this is her first year with the VVHS Theatre Program. Something that Sarahi loves about theatre is the creative people that are a part of this world.
Victoria De Loa
Victoria is a freshman and involved in a VVHS Production for the first time. The things that Victoria loves most about theatre is the people working on the shows.
Props/Set Prop
Cali East
Cali is a ninth grader, and is involved in theatre for the first time. The thing that Cali loves most about theatre is watching the show come to life from behind the scenes.
Leslie Shaum
Leslie is in 10th grade and involved in the theatre program for the first time. Leslie's favorite thing about theatre is meeting new people and creating things for the stage.
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Sound Design/Projection
K'Mauri Williams
K'Mauri is a freshman and involved in the VVHS Theatre program for the first time. K'Mauri's feelings about theatre: "What I love about theatre is the amazing people and how hard everyone works to make the amazing productions. I also love the environment of our theatre because it’s somewhere you would want to be and want to go to every day. It's just an amazing place with amazing people."
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PR/Live Stream
Fatima Zaidi
Fatima is in 10th grade and is involved in theatre for the first time. The thing that Fatima loves most about theatre is that in every play, there is something that every person in the audience can relate to.
Props/Set ASM
Raquel Garcia
Raquel is a sophomore and VVHS and this is her first year of invovlement in the technical theatre program. Raquels artistic skills can be seen in elements throughout the show. The thing that Raquel loves most about theatre is creating bonds with the cast and crew.
Yancy Gomez
Yancy is a junior and is involved in the theatre program for the first time. Yancy loves the collaboration that comes with theatre and learning new things everyday!
Yaitzelle Torres
Yaitzelle is a junior and involved in the technical theatre class for the first time. The thing that Yaitzelle loves most about working on a show is building relationships with others.

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