About Kinky Boots

Enter into the bustling factory of "Kinky Boots," where the melodies of tolerance and the harmonies of understanding set the stage for an unforgettable tale. Inspired by a remarkable true story, the musical follows the journey of Charlie Price and Lola, a fierce drag queen, as they embark on a transformative collaboration. Amidst the clatter of machinery and the sparkle of sequins, they defy societal norms and ignite a powerful message of tolerance, love, and inclusivity. Join them on a journey where every step taken is a bold stride towards embracing difference and celebrating the beauty of authenticity.

Vanguard Theater

Founded in 2015, Vanguard Theater is a not-for-profit company changing social and cultural narratives through theater dedicated to DREAM: Diversity, Reciprocity, Education, Activism & Mentorship. For more information, visit www.VanguardTheaterCompany.org or find us across social media @VTCNJ and #dreamVTC 

OUR VISION: To be recognized as a model in the theater community for purposeful inclusion of diverse voices and stories; partnerships that propel cross community conversations; and casting and leadership that reflects our communities.