Fiddler on the Roof Cast

Ryan Harmon (Tevye)
Ryan Harmon (Tevye) is a senior and is in his third show for Van Buren Musicals. His previous role includes Sam Carmichael in Mamma Mia! and Cogsworth in Beauty and the Beast. Ryan also participates in Soccer, Track, Marching/Concert Band, Varsity Choir, and Show Choir. Ryan plans to attend Ohio Northern University majoring in biology (Pre-Med), then go on to medical school to hopefully become an Orthopedic Surgeon. "I’d like to thank both my brothers, my parents, and Riley Cartwright for always coming out to support me in all of my activities, as well as my extended family for traveling to come watch every year. And of course I’d like to thank the cast and directors for working hard and long hours to make this show the best it can be!"
Caitlin Curry (Golde)
Caitlyn Curry (Golde) is a junior and is a veteran to the stage. Caitlyn has been in many shows, including Mamma Mia! (Featured Dancer/Chorus) Beauty and the Beast (Chorus), and Alice and Wonderland Jr. (3 of Diamonds). Caitlyn is also in Cross Country, 4-H, Show Choir, KLA, All County Choir, a Sunday school teacher and church choir member at Holy Family, and a Mentor for C.A.R.E Program. "I would like to thank my parents and friends for always supporting me! "
Karaline Fay (Tzeitel)
Karaline Fay (Tzeitel) is a senior with plenty of musical experience. Her previous roles at Van Buren include Lisa (Mamma Mia!), Silly Girl (Beauty and the Beast), and Chorus (The Little Mermaid). Karaline also has theatre experience at St. Mike's as The Little Pig (Shrek), Chorus (Wizard of Oz), Oaken (Frozen), and Grandma Georgina (Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory). Karaline is a member of The Association, KLA, Soccer, NHS, Children’s Mentoring, FFA, and Chick-Fil-A Leadership. After graduation, Karaline plans to attend Marion Technical College to pursue a career in Medical Sonography. "I would like to thank my parents for the endless support of my music career throughout all of my school years. I would also like to thank all of my friends with all of their care and love they have shown me throughout high school.”
Chance Frey (Motel)
Chance Frey (Motel) is a sophomore with previous stage experience. Chance's previous roles include Chorus (Mamma Mia!), The Tin Man (Wizard of Oz) and The Detective (Terror in the Teacher's Lounge). Chance is also involved in Football and The Association. Chance would like to thank his parents, teachers, and friends for always supporting him.
Skylar Howard (Hodel)
Skyler Howard (Hodel) is a junior and was a chorus member in Mamma Mia! and Beauty and the Beast. Skyler is involved in Cheerleading, Show Choir, NHS, and LLS. Skyler would like to thank her family for always believing in her!
Max Barrett (Perchik)
Max Barrett (Perchik) is a current senior taking the stage this season. His previous role includes Sky in Mamma Mia! and a Pit Member for Beauty and the Beast. Max is also involved in Marching Band, Knight Life Association and Show Choir. After high school, Max plans to attend BGSU but is undecided on his major. "I’d like to thank my grandpa, Jim Barger, for his constant support and love for me throughout my music life. "
Kate Schroeder (Chava)
Kate Schroeder (Chava) is a sophomore and has been in many productions for the Marathon Center and Saint Michaels. Some of her previous roles include Chorus (Mamma Mia!, and Seussical), Grace Farrell (Annie), Teenage Elsa (Frozen), and Mrs. Brill (Mary Poppins). Kate is also in Band, Choir, Show Choir, KLA, and Cross Country. She would like to thank her family, Ms. Csernyik and Mrs. Beaupry, and anyone else who has helped with the show.
Cullen Tussing (Fyedka)
Cullen Tussing (Fyedka) is a sophomore and was Pepper in Mamma Mia!. Cullen is in band and wrestles 120 for Van Buren. He would like to thank his mom, dad, and Barbra.
Cara Nichols (Shprintze)
Cara Nichols (Shprintze) is in 7th grade and has been involved in shows since 2nd grade. Her recent highlights are: Jane Banks (Mary Poppins), Sardine (Spongebob the Musical), and Beatrice (Epic Quest of the Damsels in Distress). When not on the stage, Cara is busy with Leads, Power of the Pen, and the middle school play. “Thank you to all of my family and friends who support me.”
Aria Tussing (Bielke)
Aria Tussing (Bielke) is in 7th grade and was a chorus member in Beauty and the Beast. Aria is in her 8th year of dance and is a member of Power of the Pen.
Aaron Elliott (Lazar Wolf)
Aaron Elliot (Lazar Wolfe) is a current junior and was in previously involved in Mamma Mia! as Bill Austin and Beauty and The Beast as a chorus member. Aaron also participates in Marching Band, youth group at Trinity Baptist Church. Aaron would like to thank his mom for always supporting his music career.
Audrey Krupp (Yente)
Audrey Krupp (Yente) is a junior and has been involved in Van Buren Musicals for 3 years, previously being in Mamma Mia! and Beauty and The Beast. Audrey is also in Show Choir, KLA, Dance and Guitar. Audrey would like to thank her family and friends for supporting her always.
Andersen Harnjo (Avram)
Andersen Harojo (Avram) is a senior currently taking the stage in his first musical performance. He is also involved in VBMB, KLA, The Association, and Track and Field. After graduation, Anderson plans to attend college to major in architecture and design. “Shout out to all my friends involved in music, I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for them.”
Camryn Masters (Grandma Tzeitel)
Camryn Masters (Grandma Tzeitel & Featured Dancer) is a junior and has been in the past two productions at Van Buren as a chorus member (Mamma Mia! and Beauty and the Beast). Camryn is also involved in Soccer, Show Choir, and KLA. She would like to thank her friends and family for supporting her!
Aliah Van Scyoc (Fruma-Sarah)
Aliah Van Scyoc (Fruma Sarah) is a junior and has been in two productions for Van Buren Musicals. She was a chorus member in both Mamma Mia! and Beauty and the Beast. Aliah is also involved in Bodybuilding, Knight Life Acapella, and The Association.
Walter Oestreich ( Mordcha / Innkeeper)
Walter Oestreich (Mordcha/Innkeeper) is a senior and not shy to the stage. Walter has been in many productions as Elfis (The Elves Impersonator), Oompa Loompa (Willy Wonka Kids), Rock Lobster (Alice in Wonderland Jr), Wickersham Brother (Seussical), Samuel (Pirates of Penzance), Messenger/Bank Clerk (Mary Poppins Jr), Jack/Robin Hood (Law and Order: Fairy Tale Unit), Elf Theater (Miracle on 34th Street), Blue (The Snow Show), Rerun Van Pelt (You're a Good Man Charlie Brown), Minister (Cinderella), Chorus (Beauty and the Beast), Sheriff Earl (All Shook Up), Eddie (Mamma Mia!), and Larry the Lobster (SpongeBob the Musical). Walter is also in National Honor Society, Band, and Knight Life Acapella. After graduation Walter plans to attend Ohio University to major in Acting. “I would like to thank all my family and friends for supporting me and encouraging me towards my passions. I would also like to thank all my teachers and mentors for helping me strive to be my very best.”
Tyler Price (Rabbi)
yler Price (Rabbi) is a sophomore and has been a chorus member for three other productions (Mamma Mia!, Beauty and The Beast, and The Little Mermaid). Tyler is in Show Choir, Student Council, and FFA. "Thank you to my family and friends for always supporting me."
Carter Jackson (Mendel)
Carter Jackson (Mendel) is a freshman and was Chip in Van Buren’s Beauty and the Beast. He is a member of the Marching Band.
Jayden Dennis (Fiddler)
Jayden Dennis (Senior) is a senior who has been in Van Buren Musicals for 4 years. Jayden was a chorus member in Mamma Mia!, Beauty and the Beast as well as You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown. Jayden is also involved in Show Choir, FFA, and ASP. Jayden plans to attend BGSU for Architectural Engineering after high school. “Thank you to my friends and family who have supported me in dance and Show Choir through the years.”
Maggie Wehrle (Shaindel / Russian Solider)
Maggie Wehrle (Shaindel) is a senior, and has been a chorus member in Mamma Mia! and Beauty and the Beast. Maggie is also in Varsity Girls Golf, Knight Life Acapella, The Association, National Honor Society, Children's Mentoring, and Van Buren School's Education Foundation. Maggie plans to attend Ohio State University and major in Health and Rehab Sciences with a focus in Oncology. “I would like to thank my friends and family for always supporting me with whatever I put my mind to. I am very grateful for the endless love they have always given me.”