Godspell Jr. Cast

Lily Bridger ( )
Lily has a passion for performing and loves to sing! She has previously performed the roles of the Genie in Aladdin and Sebastian in the Little Mermaid as well as roles in Moana, Matilda, Frozen and many more. She loves ducks, ice cream and her puppy Shirley. She hopes some day to be on Broadway!
Elizabeth Buntin ( )
Elizabeth is an 8th grader at Morgan Middle School. This is her first production and she is excited to get to do this amazing show. When not in rehearsal, Elizabeth likes to read, play with her dogs and hang out with friends and families. She wants to thank her parents and friends for their support and hopes to continue with theater and work to develop her skills.
Olivia Burton ( )
Olivia is in 7th grade at Morgan Middle School where she likes to participate in swimming, choir, and hang out with her friends. It was these activities that inspired her to be a part of Godspell Jr, and she has enjoyed every single second of the process. She is really looking forward to performing in future productions and hopes you enjoy the show.
Emily Caveness ( )
Emily is a 6th grader at Morgan Middle School. She has performed several times in the past, most recently in the ensemble of VMT’s Mamma Mia. Her parents have encouraged her to perform since she was 3 years old, so she’s been acting for most of her life! Emily hopes to one day be an actor on TV or Broadway and much more. She is excited to be in Godspell Jr and hopes everyone enjoys the show!
Joan Child ( )
Joan is currently a 8th grader at Thorp Schools. She plays French Horn and sings in the school choir. She plays basketball, cheer, and rugby. She enjoys singing and acting, and the first show she can remember doing was the Pied Piper at around 7 years old. She helped start the Drama club at Thorp as well and wants to continue with music in High School.
Nia Leonard ( )
Nia is a 6th grader at Morgan Middle School. This is her first stage performance ever! At first, she didn’t want to audition for the show, but her Dad thought that she should try…and her she is! Nia has really enjoyed the making of this show and has high hopes for its success.
Bella Masuccio ( )
Bella is a 6th grader at Morgan Middle School. She’s performed in 3 other musicals in the past, Lion King, Beauty & the Beast and Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. She’d really like to thank her brother because he’s a wonderful singer and inspired her to be in musicals. Isabella has always wanted to be in a musical where she might have a “big” part, so this show is an amazing experience for her!
Elena Mogensen ( )
Elena was born in Portland but now lives on a farm here in Ellensburg. She’s in the 7th grade and loves drawing and gaming. She has performed in the past with the Missoula Children’s Theater and has fallen in love with theater through that experience.
Maya Nielsen ( )
Maya is from Cle Elum and she is an eighth grader at Walter Strom Middle School. She was in VMT’s 2022 Cabernet Cabaret and she performs locally at open mics. She enjoys reading and cheer when she’s not performing. She wants to thank her family for support and the rest of the cast for an amazing experience.
Gemma St. Hilaire ( )
Gemma is originally from Vancouver WA and moved to Ellensburg when she was eleven. She would most like to thank her older sister Hannah for always inspiring her-- without her help she wouldn’t have had the courage to be in this play! Gemma would also like to thank her younger sister, Gretchen. Any time she came home from rehearsal tired or stressed, her younger sister would cheer her up with jokes. This play was so fun for her to do and my whole family was so supportive. Gemma would like to tell her parents, sisters, and pets- “I love and appreciate you all so much!”
Rhy Watson ( )
Rhy is a 6th grader at Morgan Middle School. She has been in the middle school choir for the past two years and enjoyed performing in front of many people. She’s been encouraged to do acting by her parents and hopes to be a professional singer/dancer in the future.