Named Poets of Unnamed Theatre Company Contributors

Poet (Elza Hofeld)
Elza (she/they) is a writer, director, actor and stage manager from Southern California. They have won awards associated with the Kennedy Center of the Performing Arts and are a produced playwright in the Orange County and Los Angeles regions.
Poet (Stacey K. Manos)
Stacey K. Manos (she/her) is an actor, playwright, and published poet based out of Orange, CA. Her poetry has been published by LUCID, New Forum, and The Patient Project. She has written two original plays which have been produced in collaboration with Latinx companies Brown Bag Theatre Company and Breath of Fire Latina Theatre Ensemble. She uses her poetry and writing as a vessel to speak about social justice, mental health, and resilience. Her poetry collection can be found at @skmpoetry on Instagram.
Poet (Lola Olvera)
Lola Olvera (she/they) is a writer based in Southern California. Her poetry has been previously published in CURIOUS Magazine’s The BIPOC Issue, The Womxn’s Issue and Celebrations.
Poet (John W. Hatherill)
John W. Hatherill (he/him) has been involved in several Orange County Community theaters since 2000. For the Unnamed Theatre Company he played “The King” in “The Great Theatre of the World”. He is reading poems from his good friend and fellow Scottish Drum Major, Jeff T. Naas (limousine driver, technical writer, actor, script and poet writer).
Poet (Ellen Huang)
Ellen Huang (she/her) is a speculative fiction writer with pieces published in over 100 venues. She is currently working on a fairytale poetry chapbook and a fantasy/horror anthology, with goals of releasing them in 2022. Her eclectic, semi-spiritual work can be found on her website:
Poet (Seth Kennard)
Seth Kennard (he/him) is a So Cal native, a performed playwright, and a published poet. He started writing to impress a girl and the hobby outlived the crush. Some of his favorite poets are Tolkien, Howard, Plath, and Apollinaire. He is grateful to his great friend Veronica for this opportunity and to you all to your patronage and consideration.
Poet (Dylan Davis Merrett)
Dylan Davis Merrett (he/him) is a writer, actor, and musician. Born and raised in Santa Ana California. Dylan joined a writing club one Summer when he was 14. At 25 now that's the closest to actual writing training he's had. "I just kinda wing it". He likes performing at Open Mics throughout the Orange County area.