Blink By Phil Porter Cast

Jonah (Greg Starling)
Greg is an actor who has always been focused on comedy. After graduating from Vanguard in 2017, he spent the next few years focusing on improv. He studied at UCB under Josh Simpson, and traveled around the country teaching improv classes at camps and schools. Along the way, he made a few appearances on shows you may have seen if your dentist's waiting room has a tv. He is incredibly excited to be back on stage after taking some time away from performing. He would like to thank his lovely, supportive wife Alexis for her patience through the process of learning a British accent. Twitter: @gregisastarling
Sophie (Stacey Manos)
Stacey Manos (she/her) is an actor, playwright, and poet recently graduated from UC Irvine. She is beyond excited to portray Sophie in such an intelligent and dynamic piece of theatre! Thank you to the Unnamed Theatre Co. team for this wonderful experience! You can access more of her artistic endeavors on Instagram @skmpoetry.