About You Cannot Undo This Action

The story follows Ronan, a confused young man who, after feeling jilted, carelessly posts the name of Robin, one of his classmates, on an internet forum. The post has deadly consequences, setting the stage for a hate crime. The populations of two local high schools are jolted into shock, grief and anger as students realize how deep and wide their vulnerabilities have become in such a hyper-connected world. Lane, haunted by visions of their friend Robin, sleuths out the cause of their friend’s murder and takes justice into their own hands.


Stage Directions – Jessica Sommerville 

The Students of Adams HS

Lane – Hannah Harrison 

Robin – Mackenzie Binsacca 

Ronan – Joe Koppy 

Brian – Christopher Karo 

Michelle – Shae McCarty 

Amethyst - Katie Course 

Austin – Bennett Buchholz 

Sequoia – Alexa Bayliff 

Shawn – Savannah Baird 

The Students of Lafayette HS

Henry – Kai Kimball 

Blake – Nick Hailer 

Taylor – Mia Lindsay 

Harper – Joanna Rehwald 

Drew - Aidan Broderick 

Andy – Madeline Botsford 

Kelsey – Renee Kaldor

University of Portland

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