Peter Pan Cast

Sage Akers (Peter Pan)
Sage has been in drama for over 6 years now, four of which have been at Union Mine High School. After high school she intends to pursue theatrical arts as a career and will strive to become the next big star on Broadway. Sage would love to thank everyone involved with Union Mine theater productions for making her last 4 years worth remembering and celebrating. “Cheers to more memories in new places!”
Benjamin Rorden  (Captain Hook)
Benjamin Rorden is a senior and has been in theater for all four years. His most recent roles were Ruth in Ghostlight, Rich Goranski in Be More Chill, and Doctor Armstrong in And Then There Were None. He is excited to be a part of his final show at Union Mine, and he hopes to continue to pursue his love of theater beyond high school. He would like to thank everyone who contributed to the show’s success. Enjoy the show!
Celia Aguilar  (Wendy Darling)
Cici is just thrilled to be in Union Mine High School’s theatre production of Peter Pan! A huge thank you to Heather Freer, she couldn’t have done this without her amazing support. Endless love and gratitude to her friends, to her very best friends Benjamin and Sage for sticking with her all through high school, and to her family for making all this possible. She couldn’t ask for a more memorable senior year musical experience!
Kaydin Gallwitz  (Mr. Smee / Prop Master / Weapons Master)
Gather ‘round for the villainous resident, the Saint and the Sinner of the UM Theatre! Kaydin has been in the theatre longer than his teacher and intends to keep that brag until the end of time. Being in his first musical production, Kaydin hopes to leave a villainous legacy on the stage that the people will never forget in years to come.
Oakley Barnes (Tinker Bell, Art Director, Costume Designer)
Oakley is a senior at Union Mine and has been in the theater since her sophomore year. She’s been the art director since Union Mine’s production of Heathers, and began acting as Fantine in Ghostlight. On canvas, through costume, and on the stage, Oakley is beyond grateful for the people she’s met and the memories she’s made through the theater.
James Dormandy (Mr. Darling / Pirate)
In the last year and a half of high school, James Dormandy has been both behind the curtain and on the stage, beginning as a backstage tech in Be More Chill, then performing as Amicus in Ghostlight. He is very excited to perform as Mr. Darling and a pirate in his final UM theater production of Peter Pan!
Leana Sorensen (Mrs. Darling / Dancer / Native)
Leana has been in the theater since her freshman year performing as an actor and dancer, and even going behind the scenes as a techie. Now she is a senior who is grateful for having created so many friendships and memories along the way.
Abbie Leatherman (Michael)
Abbie is a junior at Union Mine. Last year was the first year she was involved in the UM theater program and she loved it. She worked backstage for And Then There Were None and Ghostlight. She was also an ensemble member for Be More Chill. Abbie is very happy to be playing the role of Michael.
Kyle Ciraulo (John Napoleon Darling)
Kyle Ciraulo is a junior. He only has two moods: Balling and Balling.
Nico Snyder (Tiger Lily)
Nico is a junior. She is involved in dance, drama, and tennis.
Sammi McDaniel (Liza)
Sammi has been doing plays and theater since the beginning of her life. She practically lives in the theater and loves every second of it!
Selah Monley (Jane / Pirate)
Selah Monley is a sophomore and is excited to be a part of her first musical at Union Mine. She adores the friends she’s made in this theater community, and hopes to keep performing with them for the rest of her high school career.
Kamryn Janowiak (Slightly and Shadow)
Kamryn is a junior and has been performing in the theater since her freshman year. She loves to sing, dance, and act. She loves the theatre because of all of her friends.
Jordan Slocum (Tootles)
Jordan Slocum is a senior. She only has two moods: Balling and Balling.
Sofia Wilenchik (Curley / Michael understudy)
Sofia Wilenchik is a junior at UMHS and will be participating in her fourth show at the theater, most recently performing in Ghostlight. She is glad to have the opportunity to keep pursuing her passion for acting, and hopes to continue participating in the arts.
Fiona Ferguson (Nibs)
Fiona has been in a few productions over the course of her high school career including tech for And Then There Were None, ensemble for Be More Chill and acting in Ghostlight. She is excited to have her last show be Peter Pan. She wants to go on to become a goldsmith like her dad after graduating and join community theater to make her mom proud.
Bryce Snyder (1st Twin)
Bryce is a sophomore here at Union Mine. He has previously worked as the sound operator for Be More Chill and Ghostlight. He is now pursuing acting for Peter Pan. He would like to thank his father for his support, and his friends.
Brianna Emmons (2nd Twin)
Brianna is a freshman and this is her very first production that she has participated in! She is so excited to be a part of Peter Pan and has had so so so much fun! She is so thankful to be able to take part and have such memorable experiences! Brianna would like to thank everyone participating for all their hard work and support, and a very special thanks to her family! :)
David Phillips (Starkey)
David is a 17-year-old senior at Union Mine High School. He is excited to play Starkey in his final high school production. He has been a part of the theater program since Junior year. He would like to thank his friends who have performed with him all these years and his family for being ever supportive.
Cristina Case (Cecco)
Cristina is a sophomore and has been in theater for about one and a half years and has enjoyed every part of it. This will be her third show, other than Colby in Ghost light, and Katie in Stage Craft which was her first role, and the female lead.
Skye Peacock (Noodler)
Skye is a sophomore at UMHS and has acted in Ghostlight and was a tech for Be More Chill. She wants to thank her family for giving her this opportunity and her friends for making her experience in the theater wonderful.
Ella MacDonald (Mullins)
Ella is a senior and has taken dance for two years, choir for two years, and drama for two years. She performed last in Be More Chill and hopes that she has many years to come on stage.
Trinity Work (Jukes)
Trinity is thrilled to be a pirate in Peter Pan with her friends. She likes reading, riding horses, and theater (of course). Her previous shows include Matilda, Be More Chill, and The Hobbit. She hopes you can survive the show without a crocodile bite!
Johnathan Hack  (Ensemble / Jonah)
Johnathan is a sophomore here at Union Mine High School. He first joined the drama program in spring of 2023 and plans to stick with it until he graduates. Outside of the theater, Johnathan likes to cook for his family and friends, and loves to have fun with his friends.
AJ Armstrong (Pirate)
Aj is a freshman and this is his first-ever musical. He used to sing and play ukulele at the Crocker House. He will be performing all four years here. He wants to be an actor or a singer when he is older. He wants to thank his family and his friends for always believing in him.
Laila Chamberlain (Pirate)
Laila is a sophomore. She is involved in drama and runs on both the cross country and track teams at UM.
Myles Pendygraft (Nana / Crew)
Myles is a junior who has played dogs twice this year on stage. He’s also a talented musician and is great at human roles as well.
Raquel Beas (Ostrich / Hook Understudy)
Raquel is a sophomore who one day aspires to be a lead in either the play or spring musical. Outside of theater she enjoys being in clubs and coding.
Saige Friedberg  (Crocodile / Pirate)
She was forced to say wsg gang born to say Hai:3
Alina Bybee (Kangaroo)
Alina is a senior and has been in theater since freshman year. She has been in Been There Done That, She Kills Monsters, And Then There Were None, Be More Chill, and Ghostlight. Her friends cheer her up.
Teaghan Berg (Dancer / Native)
Teaghan is 16 years old. She was put in dance last year and didn’t like it at first, but it turned out good and she decided to take the class again this year.
Ava Hernandez (Dancer / Native)
Ava is a sophomore who enjoys dancing as well as sideline, stunt and comp cheer, and she reads a bunch in her free time. She loves hanging out with her friends and spending time with her family. In the future she would love to study anesthesia and become an Anesthesiologist!
Anna Schifferle  (Dancer / Native)
Anna is currently a junior who has taken dance twice. Her favorite part of the whole dance program is the amazing friendships she’s made. She also loves all the amazing dances taught to her because they are all so creative!
Gaby Gutierrez (Dancer / Native)
Gaby has been dancing all her life and is pretty excited to do it for theater this year!
Kallysta Rodriguez (Dancer / Native)
Kallysta has been in dance for all four years of high school (even throughout COVID), and loves it! Dance has helped her through some of her hardest times in high school. Performing is a feeling of exhilaration and adrenaline that can’t be replicated any other way. Dance is a passion and has taught her so many lessons she can't put into words. She thanks the UMHS dance program, especially Mrs. Rubini! <3
Braelynn Lee  (Dancer / Pirate)
Braelynn is a freshman at UMHS, and has loved participating in Dance and Musical Theater. While Dance is the area she gravitates to more, she has enjoyed being a part of the theater’s welcoming environment and getting to know more of her peers.
Jaden Hatch (Dancer / Pirate)
Shasta Yielding (Dancer / Pirate)
Aida Schuchhardt (Dancer / Native)
Aubrey Laprise-Tyus (Dancer / Native )
Aubrey is a senior who has been in the Union Mine dance program all four years of high school. She was in last year's musical Be More Chill. She also performed in the Choose Your Character showcase. She has enjoyed being involved with dance and musical theater. Aubrey is beyond grateful for her teachers, family, fellow dancers, and friends for always supporting her.
Zenaida Rivera-Ochoa (Dancer / Native )
Delilah Rivera-Ochoa (Dancer / Native)
Delilah is 15 and loves dancing and has been doing it since she was 13. She dances at a dance studio and at school. Her favorite colors are purple and pink. She loves shopping as well. She is a freshman who is very kind and willing to help others.