Story Theatre Cast

Vandal Harris (Little Peasant, Foxy Woxy, Fisherman)
Vandal Harris is a 15 year old homeschooler who has been doing theater here for about 5 years. Vandal has been involved in productions such as Tarzan, Matilda, SchoolHouse Rock, and a few others. He really enjoys doing theater, and hopes to be in many other productions.
Zoey Potter (Peasant's Wife, Miller, Cocky Locky, Countess, Eldest Daughter)
Zoey Potter is a senior at North Greene High School. Most recently she had the privilege of being in the cast of Into the Woods. Potter enjoys playing guitar, ukelele, and piano. She frequently sings in her church, car, and shower. Potter would like to thank her family, friends, and dog for supporting her every step of the way, but nothing would be possible without Jesus! This cast is a joy and she is so very blessed to be sharing the stage with each of them! Enjoy the show *wink*
Zetta Schultz (Hound, Turkey Lurkey, Crow No. 2, Second Daughter)
Zetta Schultz is a 6th Grader at Chuckey-Doak Middle School, where she also plays Clarinet in the band. Some of Zetta's favorite roles include Gretl in "The Sound of Music" and Lucy in "The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe", both at Jonesborough Repertory Theatre, as well as roles in "Matilda" and "School House Rock Live Jr." here at Tusculum, and numerous showcases with the Tusculum Young Actors Studio and the Tusculum Summer Acting Camp. She wants to thank her wonderful friends, and her best friend, her big brother Sam. She also wants to thank Nana for her support. Most importantly, she wants to thank her mom and dad for giving her the stage and the freedom to create. Enjoy the show!
Sam Schultz (Judge, Man No. 1, Old Man, King)
Sam is in 10th Grade at Chuckey Doak High School, where he is also in their production of A Christmas Carol this December. Sam has performed with the Blue Plate Special Improv Comedy Troop, and has performed as a stand-up comedian, and was in the BPS production of A Midsummer Night's Dream. Sam has dreams of becoming a great author, and has written two plays performed at Tusculum University, "Room for One More" at the 2021 Tusculum 5x10s, and "Where do We Go" during this year's Edgar Allan Poe event. Sam would like to thank his friends from school and the theatre for giving hope, his sister Zetta for being the best sister, his Nana for giving him a way with words, and his parents for their support and love.
Wrenley Tucker (Henny Penny, Crow No. 1, Princess)
Wrenley is 11 years old and is very excited to return for another Theatre-at-Tusculum production. You may have seen her in previous shows such as “Schoolhouse Rock!” and “Matilda.” Wrenley also enjoys participating in the Tusculum Young Actors’ Studio and Greeneville Middle School’s Small Ensemble Choir. If she’s not on the stage, you can find her drawing in her sketchbook or spending time with family and friends.
Cora Hawkins (Farmer's Wife, Daughter, Wife, Sexton)
Cora Hawkins is a Junior at Chuckey-Doak High School. She has been in productions such as Radium Girls (Katherine Wiley), It’s a Wonderful Life: A Live Radio Play (Mary Hatch Bailey), and Tell-Tale Heart (Edgar Allan Poe). She would like to thank her family for always supporting her no matter what. She would also like to specifically thank Steve, Erin, Dodger, Gracie, Mrs. Woody, and Josie, for constantly believing in her, building her confidence, and making it possible for her to do what she loves.
Owen Philbeck (Parson, Master Thief, Simpleton)
Owen Philbeck is excited to preform his first volunteer play ever at Tusculum and even more excited to be performing Story Theatre. He is beyond blessed to be participating in a show with such a kind and passionate group and is looking forward to acting with them in the future!
Gracie Moore (Cat, Ducky Daddles, Wife, Mother)
Gracie Moore is a first year at ETSU majoring in Theatre and Psychology. She has been in several productions, most recently starring as Grace in Radium Girls. She has performed in several shows with T@T, including Schoolhouse Rock Live! Jr. and the 5x10 showcase. In her free time, she loves to sing and crochet. She is an active member of the YDSA organization at ETSU. Se would like to thank her parents, her friends, and her boyfriend Ethan for always believing in her.
George Lane (Cowherd, Robber Bridegroom, Man, Little Gray Man)
George Lane is a first year at Tusculum University and a graduate of Science Hill High School. Previous credits include 12 Angry Jurors, Radio Play Disaster, You Can’t Take it With You, Much Ado About Nothing, The Curious Savage, and the Science Hill Improv Team.
Emme Foster (Rich Peasant No. 2, Cock, Cat, Second Son)
Emilie Foster is the daughter of Beth and Keith Foster. She is a 2nd degree black belt in Tang Soo Do, and currently a first year at Tusculum University. She is excited to be part of her first mainstage show! Her other shows include School House Rock Live! Jr. and the 2022 GLAWPIGT Winter showcase, though her favorite appearances have been in the improv comedy show Blue Plate Special. As an aspiring artist, actress, public speaker, and comedian, she's very excited for her new life in college and theater.
Jade Ward (Ass, Old Woman, Flounder, Narrator)
Jade Ward is the child of Christina and Jeff Ward. She is a senior in high school and a member of the Greeneville High School Advanced Chorus. She plays violin, guitar, and piano. Alongside playing music, theatre is one of her favorite activities. She has been in countless (not really countless, but she doesn’t want to sit down and count them all) productions as part of Theatre-at-Tusculum as an ensemble member, as well as playing Viola in “My Son Pinocchio Jr.” and Raya Englanderova in “I Never Saw Another Butterfly.” She hopes to keep doing theatre for many years to come, and she hopes that you enjoy the show!
Seleena Bakshi (Narrator, Goosey Poosey, Peasant)
Seleena Bakshi is seventeen and has been doing theatre from an early age. They have been a part of productions such as A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Oliver!, James and the Giant Peach, and many more. They would like to thank their mother for always being there to support them, their Director, and the rest of the cast and crew.
Trinity McClain (Narrator, Sexton, First Guest, Parson)
Trinity was born and raised here in Greeneville, Tennessee. She is sixteen years old and attends Towering Oaks Christian School as a junior where she enjoys being a part of the Showcasers drama club. She has been acting since she was 6 years old in many school and local community plays. Along with acting she enjoys baton twirling and playing the piano. She is thrilled to be part of this Tusculum production.
Isaac Kitsteiner (Farmer, Man No. 2, Narrator, Eldest Son)
Isaac Kitsteiner has been a resident of Greene County, TN since 2015 after spending the first half of his life in Florida, Turkey, the Azores Portugal and middle Tennessee. He’s currently a homeschooled 15-year-old ninth grader. Isaac got his start on the stage in Central Ballet’s “Beauty and the Beast” in 2022 and “Genesis” in 2023. He also performed in “The Nutcracker” in 2022 at the NPAC. His first opportunity to perform with Tusculum was in their youth 5x10’s in February of this year. He also took the stage in Heritage Home Scholar’s first production: “The Absolutely Insidious and Utterly Terrifying Truth About Cat Hair.” When he isn’t acting, Isaac enjoys playing the piano, taking guitar, learning to sing, and listening to all genres of music. He’s really appreciative to Ms. Gracie Weems and Kristin Girton for helping him get started in acting.
Jackson Shipley (Robber, Parson, Ensemble)
Jackson Shipley is very excited to be a part of Story Theatre. Jackson has been involved in theatre since the age of 8. He has been involved in many roles through the Arts Outreach Program at Tusculum University. He participated in Matilda the Musical, School House Rock, and GLAWPIGT Showcase. He also starred in Frozen through Encore of Morristown. He loves being a 6th grader at Greeneville Middle School. His hobbies outside of theatre include, being a member of the GMS football team, a member of the Galaxy soccer team, and a member of the GMS choir. When he is not in school, Jackson enjoys legos, playing with his sister Rylee, and riding bikes. Jackson would like to thank Erin & Steve Schultz, and his parents for always supporting his passion for the arts.
Eliza Girton (Maiden, Clerk, Ensemble)
Eliza Girton is a vivacious young performer with a passion for the stage. Girton is in seventh grade and attends Heritage Home Scholars. Her journey under the spotlight began at Central Ballet Studio, where she participated in eight ballet productions. Her notable theatre roles include Young Elsa in Frozen, Jr, Hortencia in Matilda, and Horatio in Mixed up MacBeth. Girton’s versatility extends to the big screen with her recent ensemble role in the upcoming movie "Summer Camp" as a camper, set to release in 2024. She has participated in camps and workshops, honing her skills at places like GLAWPIGT, The Tusculum Youth Actors Studio, Capitol Camp, NPAC Camp, and the Barter Theatre Academy. She also showcased her talent as a narrator in "The Heritage Players Showcase." She thanks Mr. Schultz for giving her the opportunity to be in Story Theatre and TYAS.
Thomas Seemuth (Chief, Third Soldier, Ensemble)
Thomas Seemuth is a senior at Greeneville High School and is dual-enrolled at Greene Technology Center in Networking and Cyber Security classes. After graduation, Thomas plans to attend Morristown Tech to pursue a career in Cyber Security. Thomas wrestled for several years between middle and high school as a way to express himself. Today in his free time Thomas enjoys karate, brazilian jiu jitsu, and kickboxing at the East Tennessee Tang Soo Do. Thomas loves cooking and spending time with his family. Thomas has also fallen in love with acting and is honored to be able to perform for the community. In the past two years he has volunteered his free time with Gifts for Kids, the Boys and Girls Club, several local marathons, Hazard Fest, Kids Wrestling club at GHS, and several school open houses. Thomas hopes to see you at his next performances to come!
Brooklyn Seemuth (Mayor, Third Robber, Ensemble)
Brooklyn Seemuth is a dynamic 7th grader at Greeneville Middle School with a passion for music and sports. Having embarked on her musical journey in the 5th grade when she joined the chorus, she continued to expand her repertoire by picking up the French horn in the 6th grade as a member of the school band. Beyond the realm of melodies, Brooklyn thrives on the thrill of the playing field, actively participating in softball, tennis, and baseball since the tender age of 6. Her dreams extend beyond the diamond, as she aspires to become an actor in the future. Brooklyn is the youngest in her family of five, with her beloved feline friend, Sophie, rounding out the lively household. When she's not busy with her many pursuits, Brooklyn finds solace in the world of art, indulging her creative spirit through painting and drawing in her precious free time.
Peyton Bergquist (Rich Peasant No. 3, Second Guest, Narrator, Ensemble)
Peyton Bergquist has performed as Alexa in The Letter by Amy Zipperer and in Missing by Steve Schultz. She attends Greeneville High School and is in chorus. Berquist thanks the cast, crew, and director for this incredible experience!
Noah Janha (First Robber, First Soldier, Ensemble)
Noah Janha is native to Greeneville and has been featured in the spotlight for his involvement not only in GLAWPIGT, Tusculum Young Actors, and Tusculum University Actor Camp productions, but he has also shown his talent on the soccer field and with the Greeneville Block Jocks lego team. Noah is inspired by comedy, enjoys speaking in accents, and loves costume development, puppeteering and creating puppets. He also has hobbies in collecting sunglasses and cartoon drawing. Noah would love to develop his talents to make it to the big stage or big screen one day.
Nicholas Smith (Second Robber, Second Soldier, Ensemble)
Nicholas Smith is a student at West Greene High School. He is a member of the West Greene Band where he plays percussion and trombone. He is also a member of the West Greene Drama Club and Chorus. Nicholas trains in Hapkido and is one belt away from a black belt at Love School of Martial Arts. Nicholas enjoys playing video and card games with friends, acting, and singing/karaoke.
Bo Poe (Rich Peasant No. 1, Ensemble)
Bo Poe was excited to make her debut in her first play, The Raven during Edgar Allan Poe and Other Scary Stories in the Woods. She loves animals, drawing, and the color sage green. She just recently started theatre here at Tusculum this year. She's in 8th grade and is looking forward to where theatre may take her in the future.