About Bandera Texas

Seventeen-year-olds Maeve and Nessa have been best friends their entire lives. Three months ago, they discovered what they had was more than a friendship. When they decide to come out to their families together, Nessa's father kicks her out and the girls scramble to come up with a solution, all the while lying to Maeve's stepmother Rachael and trying to dream their way to being grown-up.



Transformation Theatre, Inc.

Transformation Theatre (TT) provides a collaboration venue with ‘up-and-coming’ and established theatre artists to focus on socially relevant original, unpublished plays and adaptations celebrating underrepresented groups.  TT typically promotes the works of playwrights in the DC/MD/VA region, however, playwrights throughout the country, as well as those outside the US may submit work for consideration. Through the live productions of these playwrights’ work, TT strives to enhance and stimulate an understanding of ourselves and others.