About Barbarians by Nick Robideau

Jasmine, her boyfriend Scott, and her best friend Marquise are 30-somethings doing their best to navigate ambition, romance, and the brutal aftermath of an environmental disaster. Relationships get murky, society collapses, and oh yeah, Scott joins a local white militia group, which is somewhat controversial back at home since Jasmine and Marquise are Black. Fast-forward a year, and the trio finds themselves in separate interrogations, trying to explain how one of them came to commit a terrible act of violence. As the two timelines unfold, bounce off each other, and slowly start to converge, Jasmine, Scott, and Marquise are forced to truly look at themselves in the harsh light of the apocalypse.


Transformation Theatre, Inc.

Transformation Theatre (TT) provides a collaboration venue with ‘up-and-coming’ and established theatre artists to focus on socially relevant original, unpublished plays and adaptations celebrating underrepresented groups.  TT typically promotes the works of playwrights in the DC/MD/VA region, however, playwrights throughout the country, as well as those outside the US may submit work for consideration. Through the live productions of these playwrights’ work, TT strives to enhance and stimulate an understanding of ourselves and others.