Tuesdays with Morrie Cast

Eric Schuster (Mitch)
Eric has more recently appeared on stage in productions of: I Never Sang For My Father as Gene; Nice Girl as Donny; The Crucible as John Proctor; The Exonerated as Kerry Max Cook; All My Sons as Chris Keller; The War of the Worlds as Orson Welles/Pierson; Of Mice and Men as Carlson; and Valley Forge as Teague/Major Andre. He has worked on several feature and independent films shot in the New York metropolitan area and has appeared in television shows for Travel Channel, Investigation Discovery, PBS, Showtime and HBO.
Bruce Apar (Morrie)
Bruce is feeling thankful... For Morris Schwartz and for Mitch Albom. For being invited to play by castmate Eric Schuster. For the expert guidance of director Pia Haas and technical mastery of Dan Scherer. For the support of Deborah Burke of Town Players of New Canaan, and of The Armonk Players. For the wheelchair and Yiddish lessons by GoJo Clan Productions (Albi Gorn and Robin Ann Joseph). For being of good health that allows him to pursue his passion for acting and embracing life. For life embracing him back. For growing as he ages. For family and friends. For his previous role as Professor Van Helsing in the Elmwood Playhouse (Rockland County) production of Dracula. For his next role as Old Man in Sam Shepard’s “Fool for Love” at Axial Theater (Westchester County). For the love and support of wife Elyse, daughter Elissa (“Lucy”), and late son Harrison, who stood three feet due to dwarfism and felt 10 feet tall when he performed on stage.