About ALICE IN WONDERLAND (the Manhattan Project version)

The Manhattan Project’s Alice in Wonderland! 

We are all familiar with Alice’s adventures, but this version is arrestingly different. Not children’s theatre - meant for adult audiences. Using the story of Alice’s encounters down the rabbit hole and through the looking glass, the Manhattan Project created, according to one critic “a caustic and giddy revelation of the human psyche… a piece of pure theatre that is full of truth, fun, terror and pertinence to our own times. This is a piece of true 1970’s avant-garde theatre, lovingly constructed by a company of dedicated performing artists. Our production will be both an homage to their work, and completely our own, the result of our own process.

Time magazine called Manhattan Project's unique adaptation “…an exciting, absorbing, vertiginous descent…”

Written by Andre Gregory and the Manhattan Project
Directed by Peter Green

Town Players of New Canaan


In 1979, the original Power House to the Waveny Estate, located in what is now Waveny Park, stood empty and purposeless, falling prey to vandalism and deterioration. At the same time, the Town Players of New Canaan were looking for a home, a place to store costumes, build sets and perform. It was a perfect match that the abandoned building and the homeless Town Players should come together. The task of restoring the powerhouse and converting it to a theater, however, was a monumental undertaking and required serious fundraising and the efforts of hundreds of volunteers over a three-year period.  The result is a intimate 115-seat theater for the community to enjoy.

Since opening in 1983, the Town Players of New Canaan at the Powerhouse Theatre has performed hundreds of productions, staged readings, special events, theater educational classes and workshops, run children’s programs, etc., and is still going strong.  During Covid, we had a few months to step back and re-evaluate, and we decided it was time to come back even better!  In working again with the Town of New Canaan, we will be doubling the size of our lobby, updating to current ADA compliant restrooms, and hopefully establishing the additional Shed Theatre on the property to expand our theater education program, and well as providing a black-box theater for unique and intriguing productions.

The Town Players of New Canaan is an all-volunteer, 501(c)(3) non-profit community theater now in our 77th Year.  Established in 1946, we moved from place to place until finding our forever home.  We hope you will join us in your support of the new Powerhouse Performing Arts Center.


The Powerhouse Theatre - and in-plan Shed Theatre - will expand the Powerhouse Performing Arts Center