About Disney's High School Musical

Some of our roles are DOUBLE CAST in addition to having UNDERSTUDIES who will appear in some performances. Please see the information below and be sure to purchase tickets for the right show if you wish to see a certain performer.

Romeo Cast

  • Sharpay-Carson Nealy
  • Gabriella-Maddie Beagan
  • Taylor-Emma Shepperson
  • Martha-Genet Thomas

Juliet Cast

  • Sharpay-Lauren Whitaker
  • Gabriella-Mary Bozzo
  • Taylor-Anjeolaoluwa Archer
  • Martha-Tarryn White


  • Troy-Nazario Mendez
  • Chad-Robert Brown
  • Ryan-Today Morisho-Murray
  • Zeke-Marissa Kelley
  • Coach Bolton-Christopher Miller
  • Ripper-Maryn Lenz

Performance Schedule:

  • Wed 4 PM-Juliet Cast
  • Thurs 7 PM-Romeo Cast
  • Fri 7PM-Juliet Cast
  • Sat 2 PM-Romeo Cast & Understudies 
  • Sat 7 PM-Juliet Cast
  • Sun 2PM-Romeo Cast
*Thursday at 10AM Understudies will perform in a school matinee.Understudy families contact Mrs. Bernard about attending that performance.



Thomas Dale High School