Puffs Cast

Anthony DiFelice (Wayne Hopkins)
a Knoxville native, is thrilled to make his on-stage debut. After 32 years away from theater, Anthony was swept away into the new magical world of performing. Now that he's here, he wants to thank Director Courtney for the opportunity, his Puffs castmates for sharing their incredible talents, and his wife Victoria for her inspiring and selfless support.
Margy Ragsdale (Narrator)
Margy Ragsdale has been working with TKD in some form since 1976, when she performed in "Story Theatre", the inaugural show for Knoxville Community Theatre, TKD's original name. A former member of the TKD board, Margy has worked as actor, director, designer, and playwright for TKD and other local theatres. She dedicates this performance to the memory of Mark McBroom.
Casey Cain (Oliver Rivers)
Casey is forever excited to be back at TKD for this magical production of Puffs! He thanks his Fiancé and favorite Puff, Robin, as well as all his family and friends for their endlessio supporto. Past credits include: Jessie in TSC’s Amazing Graces, Eddie in Sunshine Boys at Flying Anvil Theatre, Charles Granillo in Rope and Bernard in Death of a Salesman at TKD.
Kadi Brazil (Megan Jones)
Kadi is excited to make her TKD debut in Puffs! An actress for over a decade, you may have seen Kadi in shows at Oak Ridge Playhouse, CBT, TSC, and TVP. You also may have seen her on film as she portrays Katie the Calutron Girl for Oak Ridge. She’d like to thank Courtney for this opportunity and her new husband, Curtis, for his unwavering support in everything she does.
Shaun Pearson (J. Finch Fletchley et al)
Shaun Pearson, the South African performer with a passion for the stage, left his homeland to pursue his dreams in the US. After a decade hiatus, he's back in action and ready to entertain audiences in Knoxville, in "Puffs" by Matt Cox. When not performing, Shaun's wife is grateful to have her spot on the couch back.
Caroline Whitaker (Hannah et al)
is thrilled to be returning to TKD for this glorious yellow hug-fest of a show. Recently, you may have seen her in Richard II, Kings and Crowns, & I Hate Hamlet, but now you will see her in a different costume/accent combo every 28.4 seconds.
Kevin Cannon (Ernie et al)
Following a court ordered retirement from the stage (Kevin starred as the Monkey in the 1968 production of “The Monkey and the Saucepan.” Universally panned btw), Kevin has “phoned in” several marvelously banal performances. Courtney witnessed most of these, so . . . The magic that allows Kevin to even remotely look like he knows what he's doing is provided by an amazing cast and crew. Kevin would like to personally thank each of them, but it turns out that restraining orders are enforceable. So hang on to your hats or at least remove them so the person behind you can see the stage. It's going to be a wild ride. Kevin asks that you enjoy the show or a pox on thee.
Bekah McNair (Leanne et al)
Bekah is jazzed to be in her debut production at TKD. Her favorite recent roles include Wendy in Wendy/Pan, Dylan in A Child’s Christmas in Wales, and anything she’s played in a murder mystery. Nothing’s ever as serious as we want it to be. Shoutout to Mom, Dad, Sam, and the Muppets. 10 bucks for a shoutout in her next show.
Hudson Perrine (Susie Bones et all)
is thrilled to be making her TKD debut as Susie Bones in Puffs! After COVID, she took a brief hiatus from performing. However, she continued to pursue the art of theatre, working FOH and backstage with the wonderful people at the Clayton Center for the Arts and the Tennessee Theatre. Grateful for all the opportunities, she is ecstatic to be back on stage.
Angel Orenstein (Sally Perks et al)
Angel, a South Dakota native, started acting at 5 growing into larger roles as her passion grew. She’s portrayed Gwen in The Importance of Being Earnest, Rene in The Odd Couple, Dierdre in I Hate Hamlet, and Elizabeth in Jekyll & Hyde. Angel is grateful to be at TKD with its amazing people she is.
Greg Knox (Cedric/Voldy)
is charmed to attend magic school with this enchanting cast of wizards. He has most recently performed at TKD in Misery, Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, & The Odd Couple (female version). Greg has also appeared in feature films such as A24's The Last Movie Star & Memento Mori. He hopes you laugh a lot, pee a little, & are left spellbound by the Puffs!