One Christmas Eve at Evergreen Mall Cast

Brittany Lightfoot (Lacey, Abbie, Linda)
is a local actress. She has been with the TKD family for over a year. She made her onstage debut as Vera in The Odd Couple & stage managed Rope. Brittany is very excited for her second adventure on the TKD stage, & it certainly won’t be her last. Brittany would like to thank Sarah for her talented direction & the cast and crew for their hard & creative work.
David Snow (Andy, Matthew)
has appeared in several TKD productions, most recently The Odd Couple. He would like to thank Sarah for (as always) fostering a caring, creative atmosphere while crafting a compelling show. Thanks to the cast for a fun rehearsal process. Thank you to Ma, Daryl and Rebecca for their endless love and support.
Michelle Badgley (Erin, Bellringer, Felicia)
is a wife and mom of three beautiful girls. She has been doing theatre for over 20 years, but took a bit of a hiatus and is so happy to be back on stage! She has worked both on stage and behind the scenes, but this show is very special as she gets to share it with her oldest daughter. Thank you Sarah for giving me this opportunity.
Liz Burling (Molly, Ellie)
is honored to join this great director & wonderful cast in her second show at TKD. Beyond her limited acting experience, she spends her time eating, drinking, & sleeping, with the occasional romp in the woods or night on the town. She is grateful for the support of her man, her dog, & a modest but exceptional group of friends. When she grows up, she would like to be 5’7”.
Bill Howard (R.J., Terry)
is excited to be a part of this year's TKD Christmas show. This is Bill's 21st (he thinks) show at TKD; he also has dozens of other stage & TV credits. Off the stage, Bill reads, exercises, travels, tutors math, & follows the Vols. Many thanks to Sarah, fellow castmates, & mostly to TKD's loyal patrons, without whom none of this would be possible. Enjoy the show!
Gordon Michaels (Stephen, Gerald)
This is Gordon’s 2nd show for TKD, he previously appeared as Otis in Suite Surrender. His favorite roles for other community theaters have been in The Odd Couple, Rumors, House for Sale & Legend of Sleepy Hollow. He will make his feature film debut as Hecklar in Jesse’s Gift (to be released in 2023). A retired physicist, Gordon lives in Farragut with his wife Tricia.
Isabella "Izzy" Badgley (Jenny)
is an eighth grade student at Halls Middle. She has previously done shows at Knoxville Children’s Theatre and is making her debut at Theatre Knoxville Downtown.
Donna Shoun (Robin, Sharon, Taylor)
Donna is delighted to be back at TKD. She made her debut in A Doublewide Texas Christmas, as Big Ethel last year. Christmas seems to be a “theme” for her. She would like to thank Sarah for this wonderful opportunity and the chance to work together again. Thank you to another amazing cast and crew who have so helpful and fun! Also a shout out to her family and friends who have been so encouraging and supportive. Remember it’s never too late to follow your heart. Merry Christmas!!
Sauni Rinehart (Darla, JoEllen)
was just on the TKD stage as Randa in Savannah Sipping Society and is happy to be back. Favorite roles include: Gloria in Grace and Glorie, Joy in The Tin Woman, and Marmee in Little Women. She leads the drama ministry at her church and still finds time to hang out with great friends and enjoy adventures with her husband, Russ. Merry Christmas!
Tristan Byrge (Todd)
Tristan Byrge is a 9th grade student at Halls high. This is his debut at Theater knoxville downtown . He is currently stage managing SHERLOCK HOLEMS at Knoxville Childrens Theater .
Greg Knox (Robert)
Even though Greg’s bio was left out of the program to make room for more ads, he’s still very excited to join this great cast for One Christmas Eve at Evergreen Mall! Greg has recently appeared in TKD’s productions of Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde and The Odd Couple.