Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Creative

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Director & Scenic Designer
Tom Eubanks
Director & Playwright, Tom has received multiple awards for acting, directing & design. A rookie Tennessean from California, he served as Chairman of the Ojai Art Center Theater from 1997-2003 & 2006, & as Artistic Director for Elite Theatre Company from 2004 to 2018. His plays, American Right, Perfect Quiet Place, The Art of Something, In the Midst of All that is Good & At the End of the Day have been produced in southern California. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde is Tom’s directorial debut in Tennessee.
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Production Stage Manager
Kevin Cannon
Coming out of a 42 year retirement from the stage (Kevin starred as the Monkey in the much loved 1968 production of “The Monkey and the Saucepan” at Belknap Elementary School), Kevin “trod the boards” again as a supporting character in several marvelously underwhelming and forgettable performances. To probably misquote Shakespeare “Some men are born great, some achieve greatness and some have greatness thrust upon them.” Having missed the boat on the first, and also the latter two, he thought why not try stage managing. And in a moment of weakness, Sarah said yes. So, if lighting and sound cues are missed, you know whom to text. He would like to personally thank everyone who helped him through the years, but numerous restraining orders will not allow it. Oh, and he hopes you enjoy the show – sound and light miscues notwithstanding.

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