The Foreigner Cast

Randy Thompson (SSGT Froggy LeSueur)
is excited to be part of another great show at TKD! He has stage-managed multiple shows here in past years, and was last seen as General MacKenzie in And Then There Were None. He would like to thank the amazing & talented cast and crew, and especially wishes to thank you, the audience member, for supporting local arts & artists. ‘E also ‘opes you ‘ave a great lemon & lime!
Donna Shoun (Betty Meeks)
Donna is delighted to be back at TKD. This is her first production that is not Christmas themed. She made her debut in A Doublewide Texas Christmas, as Big Ethel and was in One Christmas Eve at Evergreen Mall. She would like to thank Courtney for this wonderful opportunity and the chance to work together. Thank you to this amazing cast and crew who have been so helpful and fun! Rehearsals have been nothing but laughter and hilarity!! Also, a shout out to her family and friends who have been so encouraging and supportive. Sit back, enjoy and laugh until it hurts!!
Ty Shrum (Charlie Baker)
After appearing in The Night of the Living Dead this past October, Ty is very excited to be returning back to TKD. In his spare time, he loves to cosplay as characters at comic cons and charity events under @heytylercosplay. Ty wants to thank his parents, his wife Haley, and his friends for the continuous love and support of his theater passion.
Kyle Badgley (Rev David Lee)
Kyle Badgley moved to Knoxville 10 years ago from Michigan where he was a regular on stage at his local theatre. Since moving, this is his first time on stage in over 8 years & he is thrilled to be back. He also loves that he gets to share this with his oldest daughter Izzy. Kyle would like to thank his wife Michelle & other 2 daughters for their support in getting back into theatre.
Kadi Bower (Catherine Simms)
is excited to be in her 2nd show with TKD, last seen as Megan Jones in Puffs. Kadi has loved getting to explore the magnitude of Catherine Simms and bring her to life. She wants to thank her husband, family, & friends for their support. To keep up with her & her projects: @misskadimarie/@kadi.brazil on Instagram.
Kevin Teffeteller (Owen Musser)
Kevin Teffeteller (Owen Musser) is in his 5th TKD show (most recently in And Then There Were None) and is thrilled to play Owen for the second time, appearing in FCP's production of The Foreigner 10 years ago. Thanks to family and friends for always coming to the shows, and love to Lisa, for her continued support when she hears "so I'm thinking about auditioning..."
Casey Cain (Ellard Simms)
Casey is excited to be back with TKD for this hilarious performance. He’d like to thank his wife Robin, for her endless support, as well as family, friends, and fellow artists. Past credits include Tennessee Stage Company’s Night of Shorts and “Amazing Graces” and here at TKD in “Puffs” as Oliver Rivers and “Rope” as Charles Granillo. Enjoy the show y’all!