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Stage Manager
Jaclyn Fischesser
is thrilled to be returning to TKD for Art. Her head has poked out from backstage in productions such as The Lion in Winter. Puffs & A Tuna Christmas. Onstage, she has appeared in Fox on the Fairway (Louise) & Night of the Living Dead (Judy). Thank you for supporting local theatre!
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Tom Eubanks
Director and Playwright, Tom has received multiple awards for acting, directing and design. He served as Chairman of the Ojai Art Center Theater from 1997-2003 and 2006, and as Artistic Director for Elite Theatre Company from 2004 to 2018. He is Founding Artistic Director of Theater 23, Knoxville’s newest theater company. His plays, American Right, Perfect Quiet Place, The Art of Something, In the Midst of All that is Good and At the End of the Day have been produced in southern California. His newest play, Thespis Thinks, will be produced by Theater 23 in June in Knoxville.

Original Creative Team

Yasmina Reza is a French playwright and novelist, based in Paris, whose works have all been multi-award-winning, critical and popular international successes, produced worldwide and translated into 35 languages. She has written seven plays (CONVERSATIONS AFTER A BURIAL, THE PASSAGE OF WINTER, "ART," THE UNEXPECTED MAN, LIFE X 3, A SPANISH PLAY, GOD OF CARNAGE, HOW YOU TALK THE GAME) and 6 novels ("Hammerklavier," "Une Desolation (Desolation)," "Adam Haberberg," "Dans la Luge d'Arthur Schopenhauer," "Nulle Part" and "L'Aube, le Soir ou la Nuit (Dawn Dusk or Night)"). Films include: "Le Pique-Nique de Lulu Kreutz," directed by Didier Martiny and "Chicas," written and directed by the author.

Christopher Hampton’s plays and musicals have so far garnered four Tony Awards, three Olivier Awards, four Evening Standard Awards, and the New York Drama Critics' Circle Award; prizes for his film and television work include an Oscar, two BAFTAs, a Writers' Guild of America Award, the Prix Italia, a Special Jury Award at the Cannes Film Festival, Hollywood Screenwriter of the Year, and The Collateral Award at the Venice Film Festival for Best Literary Adaptation. Original plays: APPOMATTOX, THE TALKING CURE, WHITE CHAMELEON, TALES FROM HOLLYWOOD, TREATS, SAVAGES, THE PHILANTHROPIST, TOTAL ECLIPSE, and WHEN DID YOU LAST SEE MY MOTHER? Adaptations from novels: YOUTH WITHOUT GOD (Horváth), EMBERS (Márai), and LES LIASONS DANGEREUSES (Laclos). Musicals: STEPHEN WARD, DRACULA: THE MUSICAL, and SUNSET BOULEVARD. Libretti: APPTOMATTOX, THE TRIAL, and WAITING FOR THE BARBARIANS (all for Philip Glass).
Translations include plays by Chekhov, Ibsen, Molière, Horváth, Yasmina Reza, and Florian Zeller. Film includes: "Ali and Nino," "A Dangerous Method," "Chéri," "Atonement," "The Quiet American," "Dangerous Liaisons," "The Good Father," "The Honorary Consul," "Total Eclipse," "Mary Reilly," "Tales From The Vienna Woods," and "A Doll’s House." He wrote and directed "Imagining Argentina," "The Secret Agent," and "Carrington." Television includes: "The Thirteenth Tale," "The Ginger Tree," "Hôtel Du Lac," "The History Man," and "Able’s Will."