A Tuna Christmas Cast

Courtney Woolard (Arles Struvie et al)
is thrilled to return to Tuna, TX and reunite with Gary for this funny show. Thank you to Margy and Ed for the opportunity! She was last on stage in Rope & The Odd Couple (Female Version) & in the director’s chair at TKD for Puffs and A Fox on the Fairway. Special thanks to Mom & Dad & YOU for supporting the arts in Knoxville! In loving memory of Pirate, AGJ & RDW.
Gary Mullins (Thurston Wheelis)
Gary Mullins is excited about this Tuna Christmas production as it feels like a reunion, since Margy, Courtney and myself did "Tuna Does Vegas" together a years ago. Gary has performed in A Tuna Christmas in two other productions with TKD, and has performed at the Bijou, the Clayton Center in Maryville, with Powell Playhouse, and is a TKD alum. Appreciate all the Tuna Helpers, and enjoy the show.