And Then There Were None Cast

Caleb Burnham (Rogers)
Caleb Burnham has been acting in and around Knoxville for the last 15 years. Caleb has appeared in many productions through the years, notably Wadsworth in "Clue", Macbeth in "Macbeth", and George Bailey in "It's a Wonderful Life: The Radio Play". Caleb would like to thank his friends, family, and wife, Raine, for all the love and support. Play On!
Alisha Mayor (Mrs. Rogers)
is excited to make her stage debut at TKD. You may have seen her as an extra in Snapped, Killer Couples, & Fatal Attractions. She also frequently appears as Raphael with The Tennessee Turtles. Alisha wants to thank John and her four dogs for their love and support and Courtney for bringing her into theatre life. Enjoy the show!
Dalton Davis (Fred Narracott)
is making his debut performance at TKD during this production. He has childhood experience in performances of Guys and Dolls, The Little Mermaid, and Charlie Brown. He is thrilled to begin his involvement with the theater community in Knoxville.
Shelby Frye (Emily Brent)
is an actor from Paris, Tennessee. Most recently, she assistant directed and stage managed Misery on the TKD stage, but you may have seen her perform in Jekyll & Hyde or The Haunting of Hill House. She loves mysteries and would like to thank the cast and crew of None for this awesome experience
Noah McBrayer Jones (Sir Lawrence Wargrave)
is an original native of Knoxville, TN. He's worked professionally with Southern Appalachian Repertory Theatre, Heritage Repertory Theatre, and American Shakespeare Center, and owns Clever By Half Productions. He's excited to take the TKD stage again after Murder on the Orient Express and Suite Surrender and is curious about the body count this time!
Darby Bozeman (Vera Claythorne)
is excited for her first performance at TKD! As an avid mystery reader, she is beyond thrilled to be in And Then There Were None. A native of Portland, OR, Darby hasn't performed on stage since high school. She is new to Knoxville, and is grateful to now be part of the TKD community.
Matthew Brockway (Phillip Lombard)
is overjoyed to make his second turn on the TKD stage. He performed last year in Suite Surrender (Pippet) and is excited to bring Philip Lombard to life. An alumni of North Texas, Matt has a background in Musical Theatre and Education. He'd like to thank his wife Katy for all her support, and Christina for the opportunity to make her vision come to life.
Daniel Rickman (Anthony Marston)
is thrilled to be in his second show at TKD, after making his debut in last summer's Suite Surrender. He is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Performance at the University of Memphis, with plans to graduate this winter. Daniel hopes you enjoy this wonderful evening of theatre and wishes you the best of luck in solving the night's mystery. IG: @danielcrickman
Steven O'Shea (William Blore)
is making his theater debut in Knoxville. He has previously performed at the Historic Woodland Opera House and Davis Musical Theater Company in California. When he is not on stage, Steven enjoys reading, writing, digital art, spending time with his family, and playing board games. He is excited to be working with such a talented cast, crew, and director.
Randy Thompson (General McKenzie)
is excited to be a part of another wonderful TKD production. He has stage managed several shows and was last seen here in The Man from Earth, as well as It’s a Wonderful Life: Radio Play. He is grateful to be working with such a talented cast and crew and wishes to thank you, the audience member, for supporting local arts and artists.
Kevin Teffeteller (Dr Armstrong)
Kevin Teffeteller (Dr. Armstrong) is happy to be in his fourth TKD show and work with such a talented group. Kevin has always wanted to do an Agatha Christie show and is grateful for the opportunity. Thanks for family and friends for coming to the shows and love to Lisa for her support when she hears "so I'm thinking about auditioning..."
Kevin Cannon (Voice of Swan Song)
When Christina approached Kevin, she told him she needed someone marvelous with a deep voice. Turns out that guy was busy. The cast, most of whom Kevin has not formally met (and, sadly never will, as he’s not allowed within 50 feet of the theatre. A story for another day) are fabulous as you will see. Kevin does hope that you enjoy the show and his “British(ish)” accent