Misery Cast

Greg Knox (Buster)
is uncomfortably excited to be a part of this legendary thriller with this cast & crew. He was most recently in Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde, One Christmas Eve at Evergreen Mall, & The Odd Couple (Female Version). Greg has appeared in films such as A24's The Last Movie Star & Memento Mori. He hopes your palms stay sweaty, the edge of your seat is comfy, & that you enjoy the ride!
Sarah Campbell (Annie Wilkes)
is president of the board at TKD. She serves as a director, actor, & resident costumer. She was last seen on stage in A Doublewide Texas Christmas. This is a dream role for her & she thanks Joseph Johnson for giving her this opportunity. Sarah also thanks her son, Eli for being the best thing in her life! She hopes you all enjoy the cockadoodie show!
Tristan Brown (Paul Sheldon)
is very excited about getting the opportunity to work with TKD again. He would like to thank his parents for the support. He would also like to thank his girlfriend, Nyasha, for putting up with him during the process as well as all the help with the memorizing. He hopes everyone gets very uncomfortable during the show. Thanks for coming!