The Prom Cast

Sammie Abbey (Olivia Keating/ Ensemble)
Sammie is a Junior at Conifer High School. This is her 6th year of theater! She has fallen in love with every part of it! Outside of theatre she loves to roller skate and spend time with friends! She wants to thank everyone who made the show possible! She hopes you love the show!
Oli Bartt (Sheldon Saperstein)
Oli Bartt is a Junior at Conifer High School, they have been doing theater at The Venue since 3rd grade and is excited to show you Prom the musical as their character Sheldon. You may have seen them in Lightning Thief as Grover, Cinderella as Sebastian, or even most recently Chicago as Liz. They hope you enjoy the show!
Dylan Blaylock (Principal Hawkins)
Dylan is a collage sophomore alumni. You may know him from his roles such as Algernon in the Importance of Being Ernest or Romeo from Newsies. He is returning for another season to help inspire the next generation in the passion of musical theater.
Alayna Burger (Shelby)
Alayna Burger is 16 and a sophomore at Conifer High School. This is only her second show at Venue, but she’s been doing theater at various places since she was 7. She would like to thank her directors and cast for all the fun she’s had this show. She loves the Venue and The Prom and hopes you love it too!
Bird Cassidy (Clerk/Ensemble)
Bird Cassidy is a Junior at Conifer High School. She’s been preforming for around twelve years and has been in about 22 shows prior to the Prom. She was previously seen in other Venue shows including Disaster, Addams Family, and Chicago. In her free time she likes to listen to music and watch scary movie. She hopes this production will put a little zazz in your day!
Avery Elsner (Kaylee)
Avery is a senior this year! This is her 13th show at the Venue, Avery is so thankful to have found the venue and for all the friends she has made. Her favorite roles were Ben and Lisa in Disaster and Alice and Addams family. She is excited for all the fun dances in the Prom, so please enjoy! Avery would like to thank all the people that make these plays possible at the Venue. Enjoy the show!!
Matthew Fletcher (Trent Oliver)
Matthew Fletcher is a junior at Conifer High School and is playing Trent. This is his 7th show at the venue! The Prom is one of his favorite shows and he hopes you enjoy it as much as he does. Enjoy the show!
Kaylee Giese (Ensemble)
Kaylee is a Junior at Conifer High School. This will be her 6th show with the Venue. Outside of theater Kaylee enjoys playing her viola and spending time with her family, friends and pets! She would like to thank the creative team and everyone who made this show possible as well as her parents for their support. She hopes you enjoy the show!
Liberty Godwin (Angie Dickinson)
Liberty is a senior this year and she plays Angie. This is her 6th show with The Venue, and her 9th overall! She loves theater so much and is so happy she got to work with The Venue Theatre in her high school years. She is so excited to be apart of this show and would like to thank her cast, crew, and family for making this the best show! It’s time to dance!
Hallie Hannum (Jerusha/Ensemble)
Hallie is a Venue Alumni, having previously done 8 shows, including Newsies, Haunting of Hannibal House, and performing as Matilda. The Prom will be her first musical since her senior show, Fiddler on the Roof, in 2021. She is now studying English, Creative Writing, at CU Boulder for her Bachelor’s Degree!
Greg Hertz (Barry Glickman)
Greg is a senior at Jefferson County Open School, and has been working with The Venue Theater since 2018. Greg has portrayed a variety of roles in his career, including Uncle Fester in The Addams Family, Chuck Cranston in Footloose, and Prince Topher in Cinderella. Greg hopes to pursue a career and education in acting after high school.
Fiona Matschullat (Dee Dee Allen)
Fiona Matschullat has been taking voice lessons for 12 years and plays Dee Dee Allen in The Prom. She thoroughly enjoyed diving into this hilarious character, and is thankful to everyone that has supported her. She loves her amazing parents und unglaubliche Schwester!
Mila Murphy (Ensemble)
Mila is a Senior at Conifer High School. She enjoys dancing, art, and above all theater! This will be Mila’s twelfth show at The Venue. She would like to think all the wonderful staff who have had a hand in developing her love of theater.
Keira Payne (Alyssa Greene)
Keira is a senior at Conifer High School and plays Alyssa. She has been with The Venue since it’s inaugural season and this is her 15th show! Outside of theatre she dances at Peak Academy. She is sad this is her last year at The Venue but she is so grateful to have been a part of such a wonderful place for so many years. She would like to thank everyone that made this show possible and hopes you enjoy!
Chloe Plow (Ensemble)
Chloe is a freshman at Conifer high school. This is her first show at Venue. In fact, it’s her first time ever being in a show! She loves trying new things and The Prom is no exception. She would like to thank everyone involved for making the show possible.
Jay Susak (Ensemble)
Jay is a freshman at Conifer High School. This is her first show at the Venue and second show ever. She hopes you enjoy the show, and would like to thank everyone who’s put so much hard work into The Prom.
Joey Tharel (Ensemble)
Joey Tharel is a senior at JRLP who has been with The Venue Theatre since 2013. She hopes you enjoy the show!
Ronnie Van Beek (Nick/ Ensemble)
Ronnie has been involved in 38 shows. Her favorite roles (and some you may recognize) were Jackie Noelle in Disaster, Lila Dixon in Holiday Inn, and Chava in Fiddler on the Roof. She also works as a scare actor at Anderson Farms. When she isn’t acting, she is hanging out with friends and family. Enjoy the show!
Micah VonFeldt (Kevin)
Micah is a freshman at Mountain Vista High School, and this is his first show at The Venue. Micah has been in over 20 productions since he started acting at five years old. His favorite role so far has been playing Cliff Bradshaw in Cabaret. He is very grateful for the opportunity and hopes you enjoy The Prom.
Ari Wageman  (Emma Nolan)
Ari is a sophomore at Conifer High School. This is her 1st show at Venue and 13th show overall. Ari wants to thank her supporters, the creative team, and her parents for helping make her dreams come true. Thank you for coming, and enjoy the show!