Bright Star Cast

Stanford (Ty Bequette)
This is my first year being a part of the Riverside Players. I have previously been a part of the productions of Clue, We Live by the Sea, and The Wizard of Oz during my time at Borgia. For college, I plan on attending ECC, to get my gen eds down and to participate in their theatre program. I would like to thank my family, my friends, and Mr. Buchheit for directing this show.
Billy Cane (Sean Bierman)
Hi! I'm Sean! I'm super excited to be a part of my first Riverside Players show. Some of my favorite pas roles include Franz in Rock of Ages, Lord Farquaad in Shrek Jr., and Walter in Becky's New Car. Right now, I'm studying at Saint Louis University and working as a Recruitment Intern in the Office of Admission. I'd like to thank everyone who has believed in me and given me the courage to do this. Getting to do this show is so special; I'm so blessed to get this chance. Shine on! :D
Mama Murphy (Rebecca Brinker)
Rebecca is thrilled to be in her 4th show with The Riverside Players. Rebecca is a graduate of ECC and MSU. She just completed her 20th year as an elementary music teacher in the Webster Groves School District. This is her 33rd show and some of her favorite roles include Catherine in Pippin (TRP), Judy in 9 to 5: The Musical (TRP), Fiona in Brigadoon (ECC), and Donna/Oolie in City of Angels (ECC). Love to her husband Greg, her family and friends for their constant love and support. Many thanks to the Riverside family for being my bright star this summer.
Government Clerk (Sarah Buchheit)
Sarah is the wife of Tim Buchheit and the theatre director at Union High School. She has an MA in Theatre from Roosevelt University and has been teaching theatre and speech for 16 years. Sarah enjoys the technical side of theatre but has also been seen onstage as Susan in [title of show] and Jennie Malone in Chapter Two. Sarah is thankful for her amazing friends and family and the ability to create!
Ensemble (Emma Coleman)
Emma is going to be a senior at St. Francis Borgia High School. She has participated in shows such as A Christmas Carol, Clue, The Wizard of Oz, and Les Miserables. She'd like to thank her parents for dealing with her crazy summer schedule. She'd also like to thank her castmates for being amazing!
Ensemble (Spencer Counts)
I'm sixteen and in band, choir, and theatre. My first show was this year at my high school. This is my second show. I would like to thank my parents, brother, and Lisa Campbell Albert (my vocal coach).
Daddy Murphy (David Dennis)
Ok, David Dennis, it's just a bio, you can write this. Just don't lie like you usually do. It wasn't funny the one time you said you were raised by a Vietnamese pickle farmer, and it's not funny now. Just be boring and say that you teach here in town. No one wants to read some gimmicky bio that ultimately tells them nothing. That'd be a stupid thing to do. P.S. make a note to talk to a doctor or something about this new habit of typing your thoughts out loud.
Mayor Dobbs (Brian Edler)
Brian is a math teacher at WHS. Proud father to Landon, Liam, & Linley and married to Cindi Edler. Favorite past roles include Oscar Madison, John Wilkes Booth, and Franklin Hart. Brian would like to thank his friends and family for constant support
Ensemble (Lorelei Edwards)
Margo Crawford (Emily Engemann)
I enjoy walks, the Sims, and making collages. My favorite roles are Katy from We Live by the Sea and Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz. I'd like to thank Ethan, Lauren, Kathryn, and my family for their love and support.
Daddy Murphy (Aidan George)
Ensemble (Brooke Holzem)
Brooke is a senior Theatre performance and technical design major at SIUE. She was last seen onstage her junior year in "Imaginary Invalid" as Monsier Pleurant. This last spring she was the costume designer for "The Goat or Who is Sylvia" by Edward Albee. She was also the historian of her college theatre troupe SETO for 2 years. Before that she went to Borgia and was a part of 29 shows. She graduated Borgia with the most thespian points in her troupe and the director's award. This will also be her 4th show with The Riverside Players. After this show, she will be costuming for SIUE mainstage show "Secret in the Wings".
Edna (Tiffany Holzem)
Tiffany is the daughter of Terry and Lisa Holzem. She graduated SEMO with a B.A. in English. This is Tiffany's 20th show with Riverside. Some of her favorite roles include Marcy in Spelling Bee and Claire in Proof. She would like to thank her family for all of their love and support! Also, C.J. for always being there for me and encouraging my dreams.
Florence (Briley Howell)
Briley is super excited to be dancing once again as a Riverside Player. Some past roles include Kathy in 9 to 5, Glory in Almost, Maine, and ensemble in Pippin. When not on stage, you can find her with skates on or dancing at Bud's American Pub. She would like to thank friends, family, cast and crew, and her co-workers for allowing all the dancing at work.
Ensemble (Shelby Malone)
This is Shelby's 4th show and second musical. Her favorite roles have been Belle in "Game of Tiaras" and Debbie Fox in "Back to the 80s". She will be attending MSU this fall to double major in wildlife biology and theatre. Shelby would like to thank her parents for encouraging her to do what she loves.
Spirit 1 (Emma Miller)
I have done theatre for 4 years now. I have fallen head over heels with it. On top of theatre, I also dance and sing and compete whenever I can. My favorite role I've played is definitely Mrs. Wormwood in Matilda. I would like to thank my teachers for dealing with me, my parents for supporting me, and my friends for pretending to listen when I talk about productions I'm doing.
Daryl Ames (Sebastian Montowine)
Sebastian is super excited to be joining The Riverside Players for the second time. His favorite roles consist of ensemble in 9 to 5 and Robin Hood in Sherwood. He would like to thank his friends and family for always supporting him.
Max (Zack Moore)
Zack is a punk rock music kid and St. Clair High School graduate. His favorite roles was Lil John in Sherwood. He would like to thank his parents, close friends, and Lukus Dement for encouraging and supporting him in all of his endeavors.
Well-Dressed Woman (Heidi Nuckolls)
Spirit 3 (Lindsay Riegel)
I am so excited to be in this production. I am thankful to our director, Tim, for offering me a chance to experience theatre in a new way. I've always loved to be in the audience, but thanks to him, I've discovered a new love and appreciation for this art form. Thanks, also, to my amazing husband, Denver. You pick up the slack, so I can do this. You rule and I love you.
Jimmy Ray Dobbs (C.J. Satterfield)
C.J. is ecstatic to return to the stage as Jimmy Ray in Bright Star. C.J. has been acting since he was 10 years old. Some of his favorite roles he has portrayed are Denny in Life Could be a Dream, Jesus in Godspell, and Agwe in Once on this Island. He would like to thank his mom and dad Kathy Schulte and Jeff Satterfield for inspiring him to pursue theatre. He would also like to thank Tiffany Holzem for her love and support. Also, for tolerating all of his Dad jokes.
Alice Murphy (Elin Schmidt)
Elin is thrilled to be back on stage in a musical again and is honored to bring the role of Alice Murphy to life. Some of Elin's past theatrical roles have been Fiona in Shrek, Missy in Marvelous Wonderettes: Dream On, and Brooke Wyndham in Legally Blonde all out of ECC. When not at her job as a civil engineer or on the stage, Elin can be found riding her horse. Elin wants to extend a huge thank you to the cast and crew for making Bright Star such a great experience and to her husband John for all of his support and encouragement and love.
Spirit 2 (Lanie Shollenberger)
Lucy Grant (Tara Steffens)
Tara is thrilled to be back on stage with Riverside. A veteran of many stages, her most recent credits include Wadsworth in Classic Mystery Game (ECC) Violet in 9 to 5 (ECC and Riverside), and Roberta in Hidden in this Picture (Theatre in the Glenn). ara is the CEO/Partner of Pinckney Bend Distillery and is involved on many boards and community groups across the state. She wants to thank Tim for going on this crazy ride and her partner Eric for all the support and love. Also boops to her doggos Kora and Flynn.
Stationmaster (Ethan Strawn)
I am 18 years old and am going to Truman State University. I have a broad range of interests including history, writing, and theatre. I started doing theatre my senior year and wish I'd done it sooner. My favorite kinds of music are folk and metal. I'd like to thank my ever-supportive family and my lovely girlfriend.
Dr. Norquist (Andrew Utz)