About Macbeth

The Psych Drama Company

in association with the Audiovisual Center Dubrovnik

presents a fully reimagined audio-drama adaptation of Shakespeare's 


with original music and soundscape composed by Zarko Dragojevic,
and a streaming art exhibit during intermission by Nick Morse and ArtLifting.

Delve deeply into the minds of two of Shakespeare's most infamous characters in The Psych Drama Company's production of MacBeth. Fully reimagined with an original score and a 3D audio soundscape, this chilling 90-minute adaptation is an immersive audio experience you won't want to miss!

Come lose yourself in this aural experience and find your inner Macbeth!


Director and Adaptation of Shakespearean Text: Wendy Lippe

Assistant Director and Text Editor: Larry Segel

Composer of Original Music: Žarko Dragojević​

Audio Designer and Director of Audiovisual Marketing: Zachary McConnell

Recording Engineer: Doug Greene

Production Assistant and Text Editor: Gail Chesler

For more information, please see the Creative and Cast pages.

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The Psych Drama Company

The Psych Drama Company, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit entity, is excited to announce its current effort to unite creative artists across the world in our profit-sharing collaborations during the pandemic.  Our two upcoming audio dramas, Macbeth and Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, will allow actors, directors, composers, sound designers and fine artists, specifically painters – all of whom have been unemployed or underemployed during the pandemic – to share in the profits generated.

Your ticket purchases go directly into the pockets of all artists involved in these productions!  Your tickets also allow you the flexibility of listening to these audio dramas anytime during a 24 hour period!

For more information about The Psych Drama Company, including our past shows and press reviews, please see our company website, at:  http://www.thepsychdramacompany.com/


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