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Larry Segel
Larry Segel is a veteran of dozens of theatre productions, as an actor, director, lighting designer, producer, and many other jobs behind the scenes. He has directed dramas: The Cherry Orchard, Iphegenia in Aulis, Little Women, Our Town, and Under Milk Wood, as well as comedies: The Underpants, The Inspector General, Midsummer Night’s Dream, Mornings At Seven, and Auntie Mame. Most recently, he directed the Psych Drama productions of The Lion in Winter, and Edward Albee's At Home at the Zoo. Larry enjoys trying to figure out how people get to where they are emotionally, and finding the characters’ way through a show.
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Original Music, Sound Designer, SFX, Director of Digital Communications
Adam Elliott Rush
Musician, composer, and voice-over artist Adam Elliott Rush is thrilled to be making his Psych Drama debut as a special collaborator. Adam listens to the actors’ performances and plays along with them in order to best capture the emotions in the moment, while incorporating the audio cues of the script. Adam's music is featured in several games by Mjolnir Software. As part of Mjolnir Software, Adam continues experimenting and collaborating with musicians and audio people from many countries. Through his media development work, Adam began performing audiobook narration for a well known mystic, poet and author named John Sandbach. Shortly thereafter, he provided voice-over work for a scientific education company in Boston, and has performed a few online advertisements. Through his work with The Psych Drama Company, Adam continues his using passion for composing and collaborating.
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Recording Engineer, SFX
Doug Greene
Doug was bitten by the theater bug in 1976, and he has pursued it in many different forms since then. First as an actor, and then moving into technical theater, where his horizons expanded into media, film, and video production. He was a director of video production for 14 years at the University of Rhode Island's Ryan Center, and most recently did a three-season stint with the National Football League as an audio specialist. But live theater has always been his greatest love and heartfelt enjoyment.

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Intermission Artist
Romani Berlekov
Romani Berlekov is an unofficial member of the local 'outsider' artist community in the Boston area, and you can find her on any given day on the streets of Boston, painting and selling her creations. Like so many other friends and colleagues, she is completely self-taught and continues to exuberantly experiment and learn. Her journey of creation is that of her own evolution. Read More >

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Intermission Artist
Peter Perrino
Peter Perrino is a fine art abstract photographer and former fashion designer who had his own line of clothing from 1992-1996. He’s lived in San Francisco since 1985. He turned to art when it became clear that he would have to forego his chosen profession of law. His clinical depression made concentration at an academic level impossible. He found that he could concentrate on art, and his creativity thrived. Read More >
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Intermission Artist
Susan Spangenberg
Susan Spangenberg is an American born, self-taught outsider artist. Raised in a severely dysfunctional family, which led to group homes and institutionalization during her teenage years, Susan cut her “Outsider Artist” teeth at Creedmoor Psychiatric Center’s renowned ‘Living Museum’ art rehabilitation program. She was in the vanguard of the ‘Girl, Interrupted’ female asylum artist wave that has in the past 20 years become the new normal, and has maintained the raw essence of that genre imbued with a 21st-century sensibility. Read More >

Other Credits

Director of Audiovisual Marketing:  Zachary McConnell
Director of Social Media:  Michael Mazzone


Cat on a Hot Tin Roof is presented as a streaming audio drama adaptation by The Psych Drama Company in special arrangement with Tennessee Williams and Dramatists Play Service.

This Psych Drama Company audio production uses the 1974 script.


Art Exhibition during intermission in association with Romani Berlekov, Peter Perrino, Susan Spangenberg, and ArtLifting.

ArtLifting is a social enterprise that champions artists impacted by homelessness or disabilities through the sale and celebration of their artwork.  Representing 160 artists in 24 states, ArtLifting strives to serve as a platform for artists that have traditionally been underrepresented in the contemporary art market.  Each artist has a unique perspective, style, and story based on the diversity of their lived experiences, artistic talents, and innovative processes.  The powerful combination of their artwork and stories inspire communities and drive social change.  

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