About Women's Wit & Wisdom Part 2

Welcome to the Women's Wit and Wisdom Theatre Festival! We have aimed to celebrate every women at every age and every stage of her life in this collection of plays and performances. We selected monologues and short plays from local playwrights and the like to present in a two part evening of theatre to showcase women at their best, their worst and everything in between. 

Part 2 features love and loss and relationships. We highlight works from local playwrights Elise Hodge, Nathaniel Mercier and Laura Sheperd. Join us for our second night of exploring women at their best and their worst, their most loving and their most hateful. This is why we love, respect and revere the women in our lives, be they mothers, sisters, daughters, lovers or friends. 


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The Ooley Theatre

Welcome to The Ooley Theatre! We are founded by EMH Productions' executive creative director Elise Hodge with the intent of creating a non-profit space for live performing arts as well as workshops and much more!

Drama and Comedy 


Sacramento Favorite

This Multi-purpose Venue serves the community to provide live entertainment and workshops to benefit the public and its artists in the Sacramento and surrounding areas.

Please click on the links above to see what shows are currently on at our intimate 35 seat space. 

Located at 2007 28th Street, Sacramento, CA 95827
Corner of T and 28th in Midtown Sacramento

Whether you are looking to go see a live show or looking to find a venue to perform in yourself, The Ooley is a favorite spot to shine at! 

Fantastic Performers

From theatre to music to stand-up and even magicians we have a lot going on in this little space. We also LIVE STREAM from The Ooley Theatre offering those who are unable to simply attend in person for whatever reason a chance to still see a great live show. A 3 Camera State of the Art set-up is used to give you a feeling of really being right there in the room with us. We know many are now not comfortable in crowds of any size, or there are those who simply cannot get out any more and we think you are just as important as our in person crowd. Live Stream is offered on a variety of shows so check out the box office and see!

We look forward to seeing you at our venue!